Wednesday, November 8, 2017

The Futility of Denying the Watergate Scandal

Speaking of the Watergate, one wonders why PCG's writers, who seem to think President Nixon was too harshly treated during the Watergate scandal, have left unmentioned the infamous "Canuck letter" that helped to sabotage the Democratic candidate widely thought as the most likely to defeat President Nixon in the 1972 presidential election, namely Senator Edmund Muskie.

As the full dimensions of the Watergate scandal began to be revealed it was learnt that the Nixon campaign had sabotaged Senator Muskie's campaign by producing a letter that purported to reveal that he harbored prejudice against Americans of French-Canadian descent. Partly in response to the publication of this false letter the Senator led a protest against the paper that published the letter. While speaking at the rally it was reported that he had cried. Some dispute this assertion. But regardless of what actually happened the allegation caused Muskie's campaign to lose momentum and eventually he was unable to gain the Democratic Party's nomination.

Since PCG's leaders seem to think that the Watergate scandal was overblown one wonders what they would say about operatives of the Nixon campaign bearing false witness to the public by producing a letter that falsely besmirched the character of Senator Muskie. So far PCG's leaders have never specifically mentioned this aspect of the Watergate scandal.

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  1. At the height of all this, at one Friday night Bible Study in Pasadena, Herbert Armstrong flapped those hog jowls of his and proclaimed that he would have burned the White House tapes on which evidence of the coverup was recorded. Armstrongism was always about authority and power, conservative power, even if those who exercised it all were dishonest and bad-spirited. Integrity was never important, just that everyone respect authority whether it was good or bad. The splinter leaders have never learned anything from all of the bad fruits which that mentality produced. They never repented of HWA's types of sins, and never learned that there is a higher road to be taken. Sadly, they never will, because they idolize someone whom they believe to be a quasi-Biblical figure who could do no wrong even when he was wrong.