Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Overview of the November-December 2017 Issue of LCG's Tomorrow's World

LCG has released another issue of their recruitment magazine. (November-December 2017.)

The editors of this issue are Gerald Weston, Richard Ames, Wallace Smith, Gary Ehman, Robert Tyler, Stuart Wachowitz and Adam West.

This issue has a circulation of 273,000 issues. For September-October 2017 it was 293,000. For July-August 2017 it was 282,000. For May-June 2017 it was 355,000. For March-April 2017 it was 417,000. For January-February 2017 it was 412,000. More circulation figures may be seen in a previous post.

Gerald Weston has a personal article saying that God is the best teacher.

The magazine continues its reprinting of the late  Roderick Meredith's 1958 thesis condemning the Protestant reformers as too much like Catholics to be "true Christians."

Jonathan Riley has an article talking about the necessity of learning to adapt to differing situations citing Roald Amundsen's journey through the Northwest passage in northern Canada.

Gerald Weston also has an article condemning various trends in society.

John Meakin has an article discussing the Balfour Declaration a hundred years after it was first issued.

Stuart Wachowitz has an article denouncing efforts to legalize marijuana.

J. D. Crockett III has an article denouncing the observance of Christmas.

Wallace Smith has an article discussing the dream of terraforming other planets to make them suitable for human habitation. LCG's dogmas insists that after Christ returns LCG's followers will be changed into God beings able to traverse the universe at the speed of thought.

The Questions and Answers discusses the Johannine Epistles discussion of the spirit of antichrist.

Sheldon Monson has an article calling upon youth to persevere to gain one's goals.

There are letters. Even though most LCG members are in the United States in this issue they have cited in this issue are from other countries, namely Mozambique, Japan, Ethiopia, South Africa, Canada and the Philippines.

The letter from Mozambique is from a person who had gone to seminary but is nevertheless impressed with LCG's writings.
I have been studying the Bible for quite some time. I even have an undergraduate degree from a respected seminary, but the truth that I am finding from your literature since I became a subscriber is quite amazing. To be frank, I am learning a lot more from you than I did during my seminary education. What I am getting from you is nothing but SOLID TRUTH. It’s a pity that we don’t have a congregation of your church here in Mozambique.
The letter from Mozambique also praised the current reprint of Roderick Meredith's 1958 thesis condemning the Protestant reformers.
Your first article on the 500 years of the Protestant Reformation (March-April 2017) is a marvel. I did a course during my seminary education on the Reformation, but I have to admit that I have learned more from your publication than I did during my time in seminary. I am waiting eagerly to receive the second part of the series.
The entire narrative by Meredith condemning the protestant reformers as false Christians which he made back in 1958 may be seen here and here.

There is also a letter from South Africa from a former member of LCG's grandparent organization, WCG, seemingly wishing to get back into an organization like HWA's WCG.
Greetings! I have become aware of your organization recently via the magazine with its articles on the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s Reformation. Please add me to your mailing list. I was a member of the Worldwide Church of God many years ago. I would also be interested in getting your pamphlets on Restoring Original Christianity and God’s Church Through the Ages.
And so we see that LCG's leadership has produced yet another issue of their recruitment magazine to gain new converts and to keep their followers convinced into thinking that LCG is especially blessed by God and deserves to be followed.


  1. Some folk consider the leaf on the cover to be a symbol of open-mindedness and freedom. Imagine their shock as they are assaulted by the biased and repressive content of the articles.


  2. The letters of praise published (online) are all from outside the USA, and most suggest they're hardcopy folk.
    And three of the letters are from Africa...