Saturday, July 18, 2020

Mark Armstrong Complains About Lockdown Restrictions

Mark Armstrong, leader of the Intercontinental Church of God, grandson of HWA, has released his July 17, 2020 weekly update. Let us see what he has to say this time.

At present America is enduring an increased wave of coronavirus infections. The evidence of this latest tragic development are many and varied. In response Mark Armstrong desperately insinuates the figures cannot be trusted.
Having suspected it all along, we're now hearing that the “numbers” (which of course never lie) are being juiced in Florida and Virginia at least. The “testing stations” that have popped up all over the state of Florida are reporting that 100% are infected, and there are zero who are not.
But what about the rest of America? Why is the rate increasing just about everywhere else? This crisis is happening. He continues.
It's doubtful that their numbers are anywhere near accurate, but news anchors are nevertheless using the reported infections to panic everybody into emergency submission.
The problem with anecdotal evidence is that it is difficult to determine if a single incident can be used to explain wider trends. Even if these specific allegations happen to be true what about the rest of America. What about California?

Mark Armstrong continues to insist the figures are wrong. He cites certain anecdotes but the problem with anecdotal evidence is that these incidents do not why infections are increasing in so many parts of America.
You know from the reporting that anyone who tests positive is subjected to daily testing, even if they're not sick or showing any symptoms. Every time there is a “positive” test result, it is recorded as an additional case in Virginia. There is a single individual who has accounted for FIFTEEN cases, and that's been verified according to Laura Ingraham's reporting on her FOX news program.
Even if this story was true what about the other states? Why are their infection rates increasing as well? Analysts do not rely on one or one testing station but rather many different sources. Even if a few sources had problems the rate of infection would still be detectable. He continues.
There's also news that Texas has had to alter their “numbers,” after realizing that many sicknesses and deaths had been incorrectly blamed on the virus. Surprise, surprise!
This epidemic is an ongoing cataclysm. Doctors and nurses are witnessing first hand what this terrible disease is doing. They worry they might get it. Some have. So no wonder there happen to be some errors in some places. But there are many sources of information and, used properly, they will still reveal what is happening.

He then talks about tensions over the South China Sea then complains of the possibility of schools in his hometown, Tyler, Texas getting their names changed.

He ends his update by  seemingly implying it is fine to defy officials for religious reasons. He is talking about governmental attempts to save lives by stopping and reducing the spread of the coronavirus.
But we're about to take a respite from all of it for the Sabbath day. We plan to obey the “mandates” of God's Law, whether or not they run afoul of some power-drunk official, wielding un-Constitutional “emergency powers” to keep everyone safe. I think you know who wins in the end. The meantime may try all our souls.
He then introduces an article complaining about lockdown restrictuions. Bizarrely he writes as though the media is doing this, not the government.
News networks have deputized corporations, private businesses, and the public at large to enforce mask mandates.
He appears to equate his hostility to emergency measures with "inviolable rights handed down from the Creator God ...  our Declaration and codified in Constitutional language."
For some time they were patient with those who believe in inviolable rights handed down from the Creator God. It's in our Declaration and codified in Constitutional language. But they've had enough already. Now, you will submit on the basis of keeping everybody safe, or they'd have you believe that you're risking “killing people” by transmitting a disease you don't know you have.
What is wrong with trying to keep everyone safe? That seems like a strong argument to follow the recommendations.
So you're not sick? That's what you think. Why, this virus can hide out for at least a couple of weeks while you spread it to people who'll die.
It is well known that the coronavirus can infect some people without causing symptoms. That is a major reason why this disease has been so difficult to control.

He writes as though the current attempts to slow this present wave of coronavirus infections are some petulant temper tantrum against people choosing not to follow regulations. The posibility that these measures are being done in good faith is ignored.
Because many have refused to play by the new rules, governors are threatening to shut down everything completely. In California, business concerns were “allowed” to begin working again as long as all COVID protocols were followed. But then a funny thing happened. Hardly anyone showed up anywhere with masks and gloves. It's not nice to flaunt official MANDATES. So now everything has to be shut down again! That ought to teach the public that when the governor or mayor gives an order, you better obey their mandates, or suffer their wrath.
There is a deadly disease running out of control at the moment. Saying the authorities have malevolent motives does nothing about the ongoing epidemic.

The article ends with a complaint that the lockdown applies to churches.
Maybe you've noticed, the lock-downs include churches! You will NOT assemble to worship God, or the police might show up! So who do you fear? The rioters obviously don't fear the authorities or God. We fear and worship God, and the local “authorities” will learn to sooner or later, assuming they ever get over their power trip.
There have been incidents in America in which people have caught this coronavirus in church meetings. Such restrictions are in force to prevent people from getting this deadly disease. Attempting to save lives by mitigating an epidemic is not an attack on anyone's religion.

We must face reality. While it would be comforting to believe that the figures are wrong it is clear: the coronavirus is spreading to a large extent. Infections are increasing.  It is shameful Mark Armstrong is minimizing this dire development.


  1. Restaurants and other retail establishments have enforced no shirt, no shoes, no service for years. Public health and decorum have never been considered violations of peoples' rights in times past. What is so awful about wearing a mask? Isn't that better than closing everything down again?

    1. Miller,

      The problem is with the state dictating the terms. They are to be servants only and not the master.

      Private businesses are allowed the freedom to chose as the customer is free to chose. Those who bend a knee to the government are sheep, looking for safety and security over freedom.

  2. Churches should not be specifically targeted.

    Only large group gatherings where people cannot maintain 6 ft of distance (family units excluded), especially if they are breathing forcefully and fluids are released, as in singing.

    The largest single outbreaks in many nations concern meat packaging plants, choirs, churches and bars/clubs/discotheques.

    Even emperor Nero cancelled orgies at the Beast Power. So find creative ways to do that religious thing.

    While at it, do not sit BEHIND someone wearing a cheap mask.