Monday, July 20, 2020

PCG's Flurry Says UK Will Lose Military Bases in Cyprus: Overview of November-December 2019 Philadelphia Trumpet

Back in late September 2019 PCG released the November-December 2019 issue of their recruitment magazine, The Philadelphia Trumpet. Let's see what they have to say.

This issue had a circulation of 246,123 issues.

The editors of this issue were Gerald Flurry, Stephen Flurry, Joel Hilliker, Brad Macdonald, Richard Palmer, Jeremiah Jacques, Dennis Leap and Philip Nice.

Gerald Flurry had an article discussing Cyprus. He proclaims that Britain will lose its military bases in Cyprus because of its departure from the European Union.
Justified as it might be, Brexit puts the future of those bases on Cyprus in doubt. I FORECAST THAT BRITAIN IS GOING TO LOSE CONTROL OF THOSE BASES. (p. 2.)
He also absurdly lambasted German Chancellor Angela Merkel as "a very weak leader." Would he talk like that about a man?
Today Germany has a very weak leader in Chancellor Angela Merkel—yet the Holy Roman Empire is rising even under her rulership! How rapidly will these terrifying events occur when a strong German leader comes to power? (p. 3.)
James Brady had an article about the German army.

Andrew Müller had an article predicting economic disaster for the United States for spending too much money. But then he complains that the US just cannot cut back spending on military bases and they just cannot increase taxes on the rich. Of course it is difficult to decide what should be done when one believes the United States will be destroyed by a German led European Empire in the near future.

Jeremiah Jacques had an article about some East Germans who fled to West Germany by using a hot air balloon at great peril in 1979.

Jorg Mardian had an article about aching bones.

Brian Davis and Andrew Müller had an article denouncing Charles Darwin as irrational. Armstrongites often denounce evolution because it contradicts their interpretation of the Old Testament.

Gerald Flurry had a side article denouncing scientists for not believing in God.

Gerald Flurry had an article insisting that HWA's God Family doctrine is true.

Jeremiah Jacques had an article sbout North Korea's tests of ballistic missiles.

Josué Michels had an article saying that some Europeans are cultured but they will still emerge as a military power fated to conquer the United States.

Stephen Flurry had an article encouraging people to turn to God to deal with addiction. However it is taught in PCG that they alone are the one true church consequently this is essentially an attempt to gain converts.

Stephen Flurry also had an article scare mongering that The New York Times is plotting to talk about racism to make Republicans lose power. He ignores the fact that back in the civil rights era the Republican Party chose to side with those who opposed the civil rights movement in a move that is often called the Southern Strategy. That is how the south began to support the Republican Party. The Republican Party continues to benefit from this gambit to this day.

So this was what PCG's leaders were talking about in their recruitment magazine to potential members before the coronavirus epidemic occurred.

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  1. And the Democrats where the party of the KKK. One is the same as the other.