Thursday, July 16, 2020

Oklahoma Governor Gets the Coronavirus

Kevin Stitt, governor of Oklahoma, the state within which PCG's headquarters is located, has been diagnosed as having the coronavirus.

Back in 2011 PCG's Ron Fraser, who passed away in 2013, boasted that the State of Oklahoma was blessed by PCG's God simply for having PCG's headquarters located in it. That was an empty claim that is easily refuted. Having PCG's headquarters within Oklahoma did not prevent this terrible virus from getting into the state and even infecting the governor.


  1. This virus doesn't care about your religious or political affiliation. You are, however, much less likely to become infected with it if you wear a mask and practice social distancing and good hygiene.

  2. I'm not sure about that Miller Jones. The nations with traditional animistic religions seem to be doing quite well under the covid scourge.

    On a related note. I heard that in a recent criminal case the Supreme Court upheld the notion that half of Oklahoma State was Native American territory.

    Connecting the dots. Perhaps PCG is in a "safe spot" because their HQ is built on land still belonging to the Indian nation.