Saturday, May 29, 2021

HWA's Alleged Friendship with Yitzhak Shamir

Herbert Armstrong wrote the following in his December 27, 1978 co-worker letter after a visit to the State of Israel. Here he boasts of meeting several prominent political leaders of the State of Israel including the Speaker of the Knesset. HWA claims to have been a friend of the Speaker for ten years. Since 1968. That year was the year HWA began to visit and meet with leaders of the State of Israel. But nevertheless, for whatever reason, HWA neglects to mention the Speaker of the Knesset by name.
I had meetings with President Navon, with Prime Minister Begin, Yigael Yadin (leader of the Democratic Movement for Change Party), Foreign Minister Moshe Dayan, Speaker of the Knesset (a friend of ten years standing), Shimon Peres (leader of the leading Labor Party), Mayor Teddy Kollek, Knesset member Gideon Hausner (who prosecuted the German Eichmann as Attorney General for Israel,) Professor Benjamin Mazar, who directed our great archaeological project adjoining the south wall of the Temple, Dr. Joseph Aviram of the Hebrew University, and many others.

According to Wikipedia's list of Knesset speakers at this time that role was held by Yitzhak Shamir who held that office from June 13, 1977 until March 10, 1980. Shamir would later be Prime Minister (1983-4 and 1986-92).

HWA says he has been friends with Shamir since 1968 but, as far as I can tell, Shamir is never mentioned by name in any of HWA's co-worker letters. What sort of a friendship is that? 

At present it seems that HWA's claim of being a friend of Yitzhak Shamir for ten years sounds awfully hollow.

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