Thursday, May 27, 2021

When HWA's WCG Encouraged Abortions (1985)

Amstrongite organizations tend to take an anti-abortion position teaching their followers that abortion is contrary to the will of (the Armstrongite) God. Nevertheless in 1985 HWA's organization, that which was called the Worldwide Church of God, published an article which seems to say that abortion is permitted in instances of rape and incest. This may be seen in Ronald S. Toth's article, "The Plain Truth About Abortion! Why So Little Understood?," from The Plain Truth, April 1985, page 2.

Of course there are the relatively rare tragic cases of girls becoming pregnant through incest. These sad cases naturally draw compassion and sympathy. 

And women need to protect themselves against rape. Local police or reference librarians can provide much needed information about rape. Any woman who becomes victimized by a rapist should seek professional help immediately. Don't delay. Don't wait three months or three weeks or even three days. Seek medical advice immediately.

But the abortion issue today does not center on such tragic cases as incest or rape.

Is it not odd how there no discussion of the responsibility of the rapist? Rape is a crime and rightfully forbidden by law. People need to be taught that it is not permitted to rape.

Now even though the author then proceeds to avoid the issue of pregnancy by rape and/or incest by saying most abortions are not affected by those issues this statement seems to be a recommendation for victims of rape and incest to get abortions. Now there's one aspect of Armstrongism that the Armstrongite one percenters don't tend to talk about to their followers.

PS: At present it is not possible for me to verify what became of Ronald S. Toth after the Tkach changes.

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  1. Get an abortion after rape or incest, eh? I wonder if Herbert ever took Dorothy to an abortionist?