Thursday, May 27, 2021

The Danger of Ignoring Medical Science in Connection with Covid-19

Parts of Stephen Flurry's anti-vaxxer article, "Gotten Your Jab Yet?" in the June 2021 issue of PCG's recruitment magazine, The Philadelphia Trumpet, were lifted from an article by Andrew Müller which was posted on March 24, 2021 which has the alarmist title, "America Ignores COVID-19 Vaccine Deaths." Müller even cites an "anti-vaccine organization" in his article in a passage that also appears in Stephen Flurry's article. As far as I know neither Stephen Flurry nor Andrew Müller have professional medical training. Medical science does not appear to be their expertise. Why listen to such people?

It is a dreadful shame to think that people will be influenced by such talk into foregoing getting vaccinated. Every day such people run of catching this dreadful disease, namely Covid-19. 

Here is a testimony from one individual who has learned that an "elderly aunt and uncle" have caught the coronavirus. The quote below is from this individual. Not myself.

So I just found out today that my both my elderly aunt and uncle have tested positive for COVID 19.  Both of them belong to a very conservative church, and have like so many Americans been fed a heavy stream of lies and misinformation.  Though several members of the family had pleaded with them to get vaccinated, they both resisted, despite their age and several additional health issues.  Of course, they did not.  Why?  They refused to get vaccinated because their church has been vehemently opposed to every single measure to address the virus since the beginning; starting with the “hoax”, pivoting smoothly to “little flue”, then digging in hard to “personal freedoms”.  There were some added sprinklings of “government plot”, “it’s in gods hands”, “liberal political agenda”, “trying to make trump look bad” and a brief return to “hoax” from time to time. (Source.)

This person's relatives are facing a tragic situation that many within the Armstrongite organizations are also facing as Banned by HWA recently highlighted here and here. We need to follow what science is telling us about this disease and protect ourselves from it. Just because some people like Stephen Flurry and Andrew Müller have gone down the proverbial rabbit hole and adopted an anti-vaccine stance you do not have to. No one can legally force you not to get vaccinated.

If one is afraid they should consult with their doctors instead of reading some scary sounding anti-vaccine article that could have been (and most likely was) written by people lacking medical expertise.

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