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Articles from HWA's Anti-"Liberal" Purge

Chapter 19 of John Tuit's book, The Truth Shall Set You Free, contains a fascinating list of articles made by HWA in 1979 as he, essentially, purged WCG of anyone who dared to challenge his authority and teachings, people he labeled "liberals", which was a loaded term implying that any one who did not follow HWA's dictates regarding doctrines was maliciously watering down God's HWA's doctrines. 

April 23, 1979 Worldwide News, 'And Now--Christ Sets Church on God's Organizational Track', pp. 3-4.

Note the disgusting chart on page 3, which lists God, then Jesus then HWA. It really shows you how HWA was all about power and authority over those he had brainwashed.

May 21, 1979 Worldwide News, 'How You Dress for Church - Could it Keep You Out of the Kingdom?', p. 1.

I will let Mr. Tuit share his thoughts.
While no one would argue that one must dress appropriately for various occasions, there is nowhere in the Bible where one can find his eternal life threatened due to his manner of dress.
Herbert W. Armstrong had a long history of threatening WCG members' salvation unless they gave him even more money. At one time he even threatened WCG members' with the lake of fire unless they gave him even more money to build a Dining Hall for the Pasadena campus. 

June 25, Worldwide News, 'What God Never Did - Never Will - Allow to Happen,' p. 1, and 'How Satan Injects False Doctrines', pp. 1, 3.

July 9, 1979 Worldwide News, 'Non-Tithing is Stealing', pp. 1, 5.

Mr. Tuit says the following about this article:
Again, Armstrong was hitting them with the loss of eternal life if the members did not tithe. And how skillfully he diverted attention from the allegations of stealing that had been brought against him and other high officials in the Church. If he truly felt a commission to blot out the spots and iron out the wrinkles, there was somewhere else that he could start other than laying another yoke upon the necks of the Church members.
This article can also be found in the June 25, 1979, Pastor General's Report, pp. 1-5.

Mr. Tuit has this to say about that article:
Armstrong was laying it on the ministers quite heavily also. They, too, are expected to tithe from their salary. He said to the ministers, "If you are on the payroll, unless tithing begins with the very next paycheck, YOUR PAYCHECKS WILL BE CUT OFF WITHOUT FURTHER NOTICE."
It is so terrible how HWA inflicted so much trouble upon WCG members in this time.

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