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PCG Condemns Mental Health Science as Money Making Fraud of Germanic Origin

HWA taught that healing illnesses can only come from God alone. Anyone trying to heal an illness by going to doctors or taking medicine or taking vaccines is committing idolatry and committing a grave sin against God. He stole these ideas from the Jehovah's Witnesses who shunned medicine and vaccines from 1921 till 1952. Because of this many of his followers in the Radio / Worldwide Church of God got sick and died from this anti-medicine superstition. Some COGs no longer practice this doctrine of death.

Alas, Gerald Flurry's PCG shows no sign of putting a stop to this madness.

PCG has released an article by Ron Fraser, What Mental Illness is Not, condemning mental health medication as a money making fraud of Germanic origin.

In this disgusting article Ron Fraser exploits legitimate concerns about the new edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders  in order to claim that mental science is a money making fraud.

I have heard about the controversy about this new edition of that book. People are worried that some definitions may be wrong and that it seeks to categorize too much.

But that is not what Ron Fraser says. He instead misleads his readers by pretending that this controversy "proves" that mental health science is a money making fraud. That is deception. He is terribly misleading his readers.

He claims that mental illness is made up by doctors and psychologists to make money. (Is he projecting?)

Below I have highlighted some of the buzzwords he uses to show just how crazy this article actually is.
The whole field of human behaviorists was infected by an anti-God, evolutionary rationale.
Ungodly and evolutionary to the core
, the pseudo-science of psychology—following a century and more of foisting its trickery off on to a gullible public seeking basic answers to the most fundamental of human questions—stands largely revealed as a fraud.
It does not get any better in this article.
Nevertheless we continue to slice people’s craniums open to determine, for instance, how the operation of the left side of the brain varies from that of the right, and to experiment with brain surgery in hugely risky operations in which man was never designed to be engaged.
Is he saying we should never try to understand how the human mind works?
The problem is that, though having become the global standard for the description of mental illness and, as the Economist claims, being regarded by professional psychologists as “holy writ,” the book [Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders] remains a tremendously flawed attempt to describe, categorize and diagnose treatment for a whole pile of “illnesses” created by the human behaviorist professions.
This is conspiracy theory madness!
Of course adhd has been an identifiable childhood “illness” for decades. When I was a child, the school teacher quite correctly identified such behavior as resulting from poor parenting.
What chutzpah! Fraser easily dismisses all these scientists as frauds and charlatans and instead listen to his school teacher and himself. He insists he knows enough to know that ADHD does not exist but simply comes from bad parenting. He blames the parents.

He also blames Germans for creating mental health science.
Almost 40 years ago, when I began studying psychology as a student, I could not help but note that the main names attached to the establishment and growth of this field of study were Germanic... the early authors of various psychology textbooks had a uniquely Teutonic tone to their names and the culture from which they hailed. They largely hailed from the school of German rationalists. The same school that had sought to discount biblical revelation in favor of the false theory on which they attempted to found their own pseudo-science—the theory of evolution.
He condemns the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders as "the psychologist’s bible" and states that it is "regarded by professional psychologists as “holy writ,”".

(Is it not strange how he, a minister of a false religion, claims mental health science is like a religion? His demonization of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders strangely sounds like an Atheist condemning organized religion.)

Fraser thinks mental health science is simply a money making scam.
Meanwhile a lot of psychiatrists, psychologists, sociologists and pharmacists have been made rich by religiously following its dictums.What a sad world we live in.
The article is filled with negative buzzwords to make PCG followers hate and become suspicious of mental health professionals. Here are some of them:
charlatan authors

pseudo-scientists [who] created a richly rewarding profession for themselves

we are more ignorant than ever about the way that the human brain—and more importantly the human mind—operates [because of them].

professional behaviorist’s bag of tools

ignorance still breeds greater ignorance

so-called “experts” on human behavior

an admittedly false text, prescribing false “cures”

the false ways of a society hell-bent on its own destruction.
What a sad state of affairs in PCG that they are ruled over by such ignorant men. How many people will die or suffer avoidable health setbacks because of this article is impossible to know.

Ron Fraser is responsible for anyone who suffers or even die because of the astoundingly stupid and ignorant advice he gives here.

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  1. Ah, the good ol' "evolution is anti-God" spiel again. Right off the bat, Fraser shows his incompetence.