Saturday, June 1, 2013

Is Dave Pack Self Deluded after Fourteen Years of Producing and Listening to his own Propaganda?

An inside source has told us that Dave Pack's fledgling little group consists of 1,700 people.
Dave is also disappointed in this SMALL number of people.  Try as he might will all the media advertising, bombastic boastful letters, attacks on all the splinter groups, and outright poaching of men he thought would bring legions of followers with them, he cannot draw members into his group.
He seriously is perplexed as to why no one cares!  Can he be that naive?
I think he is that naive. But there are reasons for this.
For a start he has deluded himself. For the last fourteen years (5110 days) he has surrounded himself with (1) people who genuinely believe he is God's gift to humanity, the successor to HWA, or (2) cunning flatterers and yes men who agree with whatever nonsense he spouts in order to be on his good side for selfish reasons.
For all these fourteen years these people have continuously put to fruition whatever Pack proposes to do. 
In RCG Dave Pack has no one to answer to for his acts.
If anyone dares to cross him he fires them, disfellowshipps them. Even in his days as a WCG minister Dave Pack displayed strong authoritarian tendencies. Maybe his vicious acts of repression teaches him that anyone who oppose him is worthy of contempt. No one tells him, "What you have done is a terrible thing." Instead they agree or acquiescence in it and he (in his simplistic black and white thinking) encourages himself into deluding himself that he only acts out of the noblest of intentions. There is no accountability whatsoever. He is free to act how he wills.
(I am not blaming those who work with RCG for Dave Pack's wild megalomania. I am simply describing a situation Dave Pack has created for himself. He persuades and coerces people to conform to the will of himself and his organization. Dave Pack bears responsibility.)

What must it do to someone to be told for fourteen years he is wonderful and excellent, that whatever he does is noble and pure?
They all tell Pack that he is a great man. They tell him news he wants to hear. Pack is stuck in a information bubble of his own making.
Maybe he actually believes his own propaganda.

Maybe he is drunk with his own filthy propaganda. 

Maybe he is like a fourteen year alcoholic.

Maybe at some point in these fourteen years he forgot that the point of his false teachings is to control people and instead actually believed it literally.

Why shouldn't he? No one around him will say he is wrong.

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  1. I have gotten to know Michael Venish who was a RCG minister in ohio and spent many hours with Pack on many topics. Dave "I never disfellowshipped anyone" Pack disfellowshipped him when he told him to go lightly on the spending for buildings and to think twice about the "I am Joshua' thing. Michael is one of the kindest and most sincere folk I know and have really enjoyed talking with him. Perhaps you'd like to chat with him and write his story. Dave left him destitute and he and his wife are living with a son in Texas for the time being. email me at DennisCDiehl if you wish his number