Thursday, June 6, 2013

PCG Members Say Mental Disorders Caused by Lack of Discipline and are Non-existant

As mentioned earlier PCG's Ron Fraser has written an article condemning mental health science as a money making scam of Germanic origin. He exploits honest criticism of the new edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders in order to claim the whole field of mental science is evil, made up, fraudulent and should be ignored. He has no evidence to back up these huge accusations. He is speaking ignorant nonsense like what you find from conspiracy theorists.

This is a very dangerous message. It is sickening to think how this message is going to negatively affect PCG members.

We can already see how some PCG members are accepting what Ron Fraser said in the comments they have posted onto that article and are parroting his inaccurate and paranoid ideas.

Some comments imply that mental disorders are simply caused by a lack of discipline.
When I attended grammar school back in the mid-60’s and 70′s, if someone had a ‘”behavior disorder”" they were immediately sent to the principal’s office and miraculously their “‘disorder”‘ was cured!

When I was in the 3rd(third) grade in the late 1960′s, a classmate was not only having “behavior disorder”, but also, he was bullying other classmates, myself, included. His father came to the classroom one day with him and spanked him right in the presence of my teacher and classmates. His father cured his “disorder”, right then and there.
If only more parents did what my classmate’s father did, all “behavior disorders” will immediately, be cured and there will be no need for “magic pills/medicines”.
We are in a sad state indeed. the number of invented illnesses that have been manufactured to account for our lack of proper parentage is staggering.

Are the parents of mentally disabled children within PCG going to be (falsely) demonized as being responsible for their children's mental illness?

Some PCG commenters seem convinced that mental disorders do not exist but are simply made up by doctors as part of a money making scam.
Thank you, Mr. Fraser, for a comprehensive analysis of this important topic....I believe diet must play a very important role, alongside proper child rearing practices, in contributing to so many of these “so-called” mental conditions.

Armstrongites have long speculated that changing one's diet can cure illnesses and serve as a substitute for the medicine HWA banned. (And how on earth can that small article be considered comprehensive in any way?)

Particularly troubling is this comment from DP in which he states he is throwing away his job because, he seems to say, (the Armstrongite) God does not like it. He is quite vague about it but it is clear he is making a very profound career change using advice most of us would regard as less than reliable.
Dear sir, Thank you for this article, this strikes a personal note. The practices of psychiatry, psychology is truly a world of confusion & evil! . It has lead more people into mental bondage , & as you point out often the medication that’s (forced) on people have not only caused secondary illnesses, but has lead to death. I know this all too well with 12 years working in this awful business. Thank God, it was only last week I received timely counselling from a God’s true Minister & made perhaps one of my best choices ever, to quit this work all togethor. Let alone those suffer at the hands of this evil system, even as mental health worker’s when one is a subject of any form of treatment, there’s no getting away from it. It simply enslaves lives, & in my opinion has caused mass mentaly/physical disabilities, a primary cause of unemployment & associated social problems. Thank God, time is almost up for this satan inspired world! The Kingdom of God is almost at hand! .

Another comment I would to highlight is this one, because it so perfectly encapsulates HWA's anti-medicine superstition which PCG is doing all it can to perpetuate.
What a great article I might be wrong about this but to me it seems like people want to be sick with some type of mental illness or disease , these people turn to their doctor(s) for healing instead of turning to God .

A lot of people within old WCG, PCG and possibly within other COGs have died because of following dangerously inaccurate advice such as that. Non-COG people reading this comment will have no idea that this attitude came from HWA's anti-medicine superstition (which he pinched from the Jehovah's Witnesses of the 1920s) which insisted that relying on doctors and medicine for healing was damnable idolatry. This attitude also fuels Ron Fraser's irresponsible contempt for mental health science.

PCG ministers have no right or qualification to spread such unfounded and dangerous information. It is terrible to think of all the people within PCG whose lives will be adversely affected because of these false, inaccurate and paranoid ideas.

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