Thursday, June 20, 2013

Watchtower Society Writers Blaming the Victim in Rape

So Serena Williams made comments concerning the rape case in Steubenvile, Ohio, that appeared to show her blaming the rape victim. A lot of people have commented on this so I will simply say that one should never blame the victim in a terrible crime like rape.

Why would Serena Williams make a comment like that? She is a Jehovah's Witness.

Maybe she read the Watchtower Society's book for children, My Book of Bible Stories?

Maybe she read its retelling of the rape of Dinah (Genesis 34)?
DO YOU see who Di´nah is going to visit? She is going to see some of the girls who live in the land of Ca´naan. Would her father Jacob be happy about this? ... we can be sure that Jacob would not be pleased that his daughter was making friends with these Ca´naan·ite girls [because they were pagans who worshipped other gods].

Sure enough, Di´nah got into trouble. [She was raped by Shechem, a Canaanite. In retaliation her brothers Simeon and Levi massacred him and the people of his town.]...

How did all this trouble get started? It was because Di´nah made friends with people who did not obey God’s laws. We will not want to make such friends, will we? 

Maybe she read that when she was a child? Maybe she took it a bit too seriously?

What she said was indefensible. A lot of people rose up and criticized her. She apologized.

But then I wonder, how many people among the Jehovah's Witnesses has read this terrible retelling of the rape of Dinah which blamed her for starting this tragic cycle of violence? I see no evidence that the Bible blamed her for getting rape. That interpretation was added by the Watchtower Society.

The Watchtower Society is viciously using this book to brainwash their children to be fearful of making friends with non-Jehovah's Witnesses. This organization which claims to be God's sole conduit with the world publishes this book which blamed the victim of a rape.

It is fitting and proper that Serena Williams was criticized for her comment. But who will criticize the anonymous writers of the Watchtower Society who made My Book of Bible Stories and chose to blame Dinah for getting raped?

This dreadful retelling is still proudly displayed on their website. Who will force them to apologize and change this?

Millions of people have read this dreadful retelling of Dinah. This book is printed in about 169 different languages and all those people are being taught through this book that it is right to blame the victim in a rape.

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