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Dave Pack's Eighteenth "Special Announcement"

Because Banned by HWA has devoted a lot of attention to these "special announcements" Dave Pack has been sending every Friday I decided to read this latest one, the eighteenth one, and see what he had to say.

Here is Dave Pack desperately trying to convince ex-WCG members to convert and join RCG.
Be honest with yourself and acknowledge what God’s Church became for so many—and probably you—as it grew to the globe-girdling size that it reached. There was literally something for everyone, and something was almost always going on. As a result, enormous numbers stopped thinking about the need to pray, study, fast, meditate, exercise God’s Spirit—and copy Jesus Christ in building the perfect, holy, righteous character of God, en route to awesome rulership in God’s kingdom.

Instead, they focused on the next picnic, dance, potluck, basketball and other sporting tournaments, Y.O.U., Y.E.S. (youth programs), singles activity, fundraising project, senior citizen dinner, track meet, Spokesman Club Ladies’ Night, talent show, youth camp session, snow party, deacon/elder meeting, get-together, etc. (Yet Church Bible Studies were cancelled long before anyone felt the need to reduce any of the activities mentioned here.)

The reason why WCG had so much going on for members to do was to keep WCG members so busy they would remain docile and simply continue attending the WCG. Keeping WCG members busy was a form of social control.

This reminds me of William B. Hinson's book, Broadway to Armageddon. He makes that very point. He stated that performing all these many duties made WCG members unable to see the flaws in WCG's teachings because they are too busy to notice. They are too busy to let any lingering feelings of doubt and unease lead to action in WCG.

(As a side note, if anyone wishes to read that book, be warned it is a most sad book, partly because it focuses a lot upon HWA's anti-medicine superstition and the deadly consequences of WCG members following this superstition. So many COG people yearn to follow HWA, but why would anyone want to follow a man who caused so many unnecessary deaths and medical complications? Think about that the next time Pack or any other COG leader try to claim the right to rule over you.)

Notice how Dave Pack just blames all those no good WCG members for causing all these problems.

He despises you and thinks you are an idiot, and he is verbally abusing you, but pretending that he is giving loving advice, just so he can get you to pay him three tithes and extra offerings. Why listen to him?

The longer you have been where you are, the more the law of spiritual inertia—that “objects in motion tend to stay in motion and objects at rest tend to stay at rest”—came into play

"Spiritual inertia". What madness! This is complete nonsense. Dave Pack is taking two completely different ideas and using them in a nonsensical manner. It reminds me of how Malcolm X was tricked into joining the Nation of Islam while in jail. Many years later he realized he was deceived by them and embraced mainstream Islam, but alas, some members of the Nation of Islam assassinated him in revenge.

Coupled with the natural group instinct or “lemming effect”—to stay with the crowd—over time, inaction takes on a life of its own. This should sober—and frighten—you!

Don't listen to your family and friends who love you and cared for you in good times and bad. Listen to me! You need to listen to me so you can send three tithes and extra offerings to me.

Mr. Armstrong, if he were still alive, would immediately disfellowship their [UCG's] entire ministry.

Actually HWA probably wouldn't join any COG unless he was allowed to assume complete leadership immediately. Would Pack do that? The ministers of UCG or Cogawa? Meredith? Flurry? Any other COG sect leader?

I am also disturbed by how trigger happy Pack seems to be in using the terrible weapon of disfellowshiping. It has recently come to the attention of those who follow COG affairs that a few years ago Pack disfollowshipped Michael Venish, causing him to become destitute over night. It seems clear from this passage that Pack is willing to use that weapon on many people.

The prophet Haggai is primarily speaking to individuals—ministers and members—not organizations. 

Dave Pack is trying to isolate you.

Dave Pack knows no organization will convert to his rule so he has to appeal to individual members.

This is typical divide and conquer strategy. He knows no other COG organization will join en mass, so he makes individual members ignore what others have to say about Dave Pack and RCG.

Per God’s command, do you still keep a full second tithe in preparation for the Feast, always turning in the excess before and after it so others, less privileged, may also attend?

How do we know that it is used in that manner? Can Dave Pack assure you that the second tithe money is actually used in that manner?

Do you still faithfully tithe on every dime you earn? What about offerings, also commanded by God (Mal. 3:8-10)? I cannot let it pass without saying that tithing to any organization but God’s Church is stealing, and also throwing your money down the drain. Tithes belong to God. They cannot be used to support a mixture of good and evil knowledge—true and false doctrines. 

More blasted black and white thinking that causes so much problems within Armstrongism.

A ha! Now we see the real reason for these special announcements. No one is fooled. This is the real reason for these special announcements. Dave Pack wants more money. He wishes to gain more converts among ex-WCG members in order to increase his prestige at the expense of UCG, Cogawa, LCG, PCG and all the other Armstrongite splinter groups.

Do you still pay third tithe, or are you in one of the groups that has dismissed God’s eternal law on this subject, ignoring the command to take care of the widows, orphans, needy, strangers and Levites? Have you let the “arguments” of your leaders (UCG, COGwa and some smaller groups) convince you that God did away with this law simply because they rejected it—because they convinced you Mr. Armstrong would have made this universal decision for the Church if he were still alive?

HWA did not take third tithe seriously. It is well known that third tithe fund was often used for frivolous expenses such as refueling his private air fleet. (Red text is my emphasis.)

This list could go on and on, but what I have included is intended to be a starting point—a place to begin. It is far from complete—and the sincerity of your interest in considering your ways will be partly defined by the length of your own list beyond the one I have provided. It will also be measured by how honestly you grade yourself. If you whitewash yourself, turning a blind eye to unChristian behavior, you will only hurt—and eternally jeopardize—yourself!

Dave Pack might as well be saying:

I cannot be bothered thinking of everything. You go ahead and rebuke yourself, because no one understands you better than yourself. And you better make it really long and make yourself look really bad and terrible and downright evil if you want to impress me. I might as well outsource my harangue and make you criticize yourself.

Now that you have seen how bad you are obviously you must come and follow me, pay me three tithes and offerings, attend my feasts wherever we in RCG decide. If I get angry at anyone I will order you to shun them. If you do not like it Satan is attacking your mind and you are defying the God I represent, so you must certainly obey. If you are a woman you must wear no makeup.

What madness.

Also note how Dave Pack confuses spirituality with making a long list by yourself of how dreadful and awful you are. This is manipulative.

Also note the spiritually abusive insinuation (highlighted in red) that if you ignore what Dave Pack is saying you will be headed into the lake of fire to be eternally destroyed. This threat is vicious, cruel and manipulative. Some people can do anything to get three tithes and extra offerings.

Also noted is Pack's silly assertion that his silly special announcements are the last chance for COG ministers in the other COG groups to make themselves right with God by submitting themselves to Dave Pack. Pack seems to think that other COG ministers are in a game of baseball with God.

Most of you grew liberal in the 1970s—this was “strike one” in God’s sight. But you were forgiven by a loving and merciful God and given another chance. However, mostly the same men grew far more liberal and heretical in the second “go-around” through the 90s, and all the way to the present—this was a very great “strike two” in God’s sight. But His plan is to forgive you AGAIN, upon repentance. If you fight His Purpose NOW ... the result will be “strike THREE,” and you will be OUT of the ministry by your own choosing. God’s duly appointed government [Dave Pack's RCG] will REMOVE you from office.

The "liberal 1970s" was strike one for them. The Tkach changes and subsequent splintering was strike two for them. Ignoring Dave Pack now will be strike three.

As though God plays baseball with people's lives to determine their spiritual character and growth. What a stupid thing to say. 

So after reading that it has to be said it just typical Armstrongite propaganda.

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  1. Are you aware a WCG evangelist once visited Malcolm X in jail as well? It was Harold Jackson; I recall him mentioning it in a sermon years ago.