Friday, June 7, 2013

"Hateful and Awful Environment" Rumored at LCG HQ

From an Anonymous comment at Banned by HWA:

Jesus said hate was the equivalent of murder. Maybe LCG is content simply to not have another physical murderer like Terry Ratzmann in its midst, but Jesus holds his followers (are LCG members his followers?) to a higher standard.

I was reminded of this when talking to a friend whose son attended the recent LCG Singles Weekend in Charlotte. Mind you, this is all secondhand and hearsay, but what he heard from his son is that the amount of hatred among LCG HQ staff in Charlotte was shocking. Ministers there privately undercut other ministers, calling each names like "liberal" or "idiot" or "unsophisticated" or "liar". Meredith is seen as out of touch and as only listening to his favorites, who flatter him and lie to him. Many of the younger people are flagrantly disobedient to the teachings of HWA, and apparently if you are a friend of the right minister's son you too can get away with premarital sex, drug and alcohol abuse, Sabbath-breaking and more. Teens and young adults of the LCG in Charlotte are apparently split between those who are disgusted by the hypocrisy and those who are happy to live secret lives so they can have all the fun their church would officially deny them.

It sounds like a hateful and awful environment. But then again it sounds exactly like the fruit of the ACOG mentality. Whether or not it is true, it is certainly believable.
Seems the LCG HQ ministers are preparing for the funeral games of Roderick C. Meredith.

Seems many people at LCG HQ do not take the moral teachings of LCG seriously.

I feel sorry for those young people torn apart between what they are taught and what they do. May they soon be free.

Of course it is impossible to prove anything but it is fascinating to see rumors such as this, and it is certainly believable.

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