Saturday, June 22, 2013

In All the World Only Pack and Dale Schurter in RCG Understand Agriculture

After reading Dave Pack boasting about Dale Schurter and his expertise in agriculture, supposedly better than anyone else in the world I feel compelled to state the following.

Recently I took a look at Dale Schurter's book for RCG, Mounting Worldwide Crisis for Agriculture. I didn't read it, but looked at the pictures.

It is disgusting propaganda. It keeps showing "the world" (everyone outside of RCG) trying to do agriculture and they are always portrayed as dirty and degrading.

But in contrast they show photos of beautiful and well maintained land, and most of them are lands developed by Ambassador College, Big Sandy and his modern day work with Pack's RCG.

The implication that only RCG truly understands agriculture just shows the complete arrogance of Pack and Schurter. It is disgusting that the rest of the world are demonized and degraded in that way.

It also came to my attention that Ambassador College made two booklets very similar to Schurter's present book. World Crisis in Agriculture by Dale Schurter and Eugene Walter (1969, 1970, 1971), and (confusingly having the same name) World Crisis in Agriculture by Gary Alexander and the Ambassador College Agricultural Research Department (1974).

Now we know Dale Schurter is imitating what he wrote forty years ago and Dave Pack is once again desperately trying to convince his followers that he, Dave Pack, is just like HWA, even employing the same writer for the same job. Pack could not get Eugene Walter or Gary Alexander by the way.

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