Friday, June 28, 2013

Sliding Scale of COG Authoritarianism

There are over 700 Armstrongite splinter groups out there devoted to spreading and maintaining the teachings of Herbert W. Armstrong in one way or another. Most are very small, many containing only one congregation.

Some are terribly authoritarian and oppressive towards their lowly members. Others less so.

As far I can tell the major COGs are arranged like this on the scale of authoritarianism.

Those at the top are less inclined to force members to obey every edict the ministers devise. Those lower in the scale are worse and appear to be increasingly damaging to anyone unfortunate enough to be involved in them.

UCG (Kubik)

Cogawa (Franks)

LCG (Meredith)
RCG (Pack)

PCG (Flurry)

House of Yahweh (Hawkins)

COG-PKG (Weinland) would be somewhere below LCG.

I am under the impression that Cogawa is somewhat more legalistic than UCG. However I must say I know little about Cogawa. It is hard for me to be sure in this matter.

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