Sunday, June 9, 2013

Dave Pack is Heading for a Great Fall -- Like Glenn Beck

Dave Pack has once again thrown a weekly announcement insisting that soon all the other COGs will soon unite under his rule and authority.

Dave Pack reminds me of Glenn Beck. Beck got a show on Fox News staring January 19, 2009, and said all kinds of big words and insights that seemed to be profound. He expertly rode the wave of right wing anger and resentment caused by the financial collapse and losing the Presidency to Barack Obama in 2008. 

Beck became the darling of the right as millions of viewers tuned in to hear his passionate denunciations of President Obama and the left. Thousands answered his call to resist the left and attended rallies to redirect America in the way away from the left.

But even at the height of his influence his ideological opponents warned that he was heading for a fall.

Then Glenn Beck called President Obama a racist. Left wing activists, offended by this, began a boycott campaign calling for advertisers to refuse to advertise on his show. It succeeded brilliantly and many advertisers, about three hundred, refused to air commercials in his time slot.

But that was not all. After two years of extraordinary success in gaining viewers, many of them drifted away. Glenn Beck made people think the world was about to collapse any minute now. It did not and many viewers got tired of what he had to stay and tuned out. His ratings fell by about a third. They were still high but losing so many viewers and advertisers weakened his bargaining position when it was time to renew his contract with Fox News.

They could not come to an agreement and so his show was cancelled and aired for the last time on June 30, 2011.

He is still continuing operations, but what he has now is little compared to what he had when he was on Fox News. He has greatly fallen in statue, prestige and importance. He matters little now.

I suspect the same fate awaits Dave Pack.

He tells his followers all sorts of amazing astounding things that seem to be profound. That is what Glenn Beck did. The amazement will not last too long.

Eventually RCG members are going to get tired of Dave Pack's big words. They will tune out. They may even love Dave Pack but they will ignore him anyway because he cannot deliver on what he promises.

Some RCG members will get sick of the lies and leave.

Many of HWA's followers in Oregon left after World War II because HWA's confident prediction that World War II would end in Christ's return failed miserably. This is not often remembered but that is what happened. That might even be the real reason he moved to California.

Much turmoil and strife occurred in WCG in the 1970s partly because many WCG members were disappointed that HWA's prediction that Christ would return in 1975 failed miserably. HWA's disgraceful failure weakened his standing among his followers. This disgrace helped make it possible for many of them to courageously resist his tyrannical rule and liberate themselves and others.

Dave Pack will be furious that his words will not be fulfilled.

Dave Pack will most likely vent his wrath on anyone who dares to remind him, intentionally or unintentionally, that he failed. Instead of admitting that he is the problem he will look for scapegoats and blame them. I feel sorry for anyone who becomes his target.

To anyone working with Dave Pack now be warned, he may blame you when things fall apart. He won't blame himself. You should prepare yourself now. It may imprudent to leave now. There is no one correct answer how to respond, Dave Pack will make it as difficult and traumatic to leave as possible, but one should prepare for this now.

Even if RCG simply retains its present membership size it will still be a humiliating failure for Dave Pack. Because he has promised that great expansion is coming for his followers.

When RCG declines in members and he is unable to keep up with payments, people will, of necessity, mention these bad tidings to him. Instead of recognizing that he is the problem he will vent his wrath on others who tried to help fulfill his vision.

Right now RCG is among the top five COG organizations. I think it may very well collapse in numbers after RCG members see he has failed to bring his words to pass and that he speaks nonsense. It may become just another minor COG group we barely hear about and which hardly matters.

I cannot see how this will end well for Dave Pack. He is about to fall into a snare of his own making. But many lowly RCG members will suffer because of him when things go wrong.

We await what happens in RCG with interest.

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