Thursday, June 20, 2013

Fred Coulter: The Seventh Day Adventist?

Just found this intriguing email from Exit and Support Network saying Fred Coulter, leader of the Christian Biblical Church of God, has been using the writings of Ellen G. White, the founder of the Seventh Day Adventists, in his own writings.
Fred Coulter uses the five basic books of SDA: The Great Controversy, Prophets and Kings (the one about Christ), and I forget the rest because I threw them all in the garbage. I have written to him to try to warn him, but he won't listen. He changes the titles slightly. These are all copied from EGW books. I asked why, and he said the books are free domain now. I believe Ellen White had a "spirit guide" who told her things. This spirit guide would obviously be a fallen angel disguising itself as an angel of light. Her books contain numerous errors, contradicting the Bible. The worst one is that the New Covenant is the old covenant transplanted into our hearts. That contradicts all of Galatians which says that the old covenant is brought to an end. The emphasis on the old Mosaic Law deprives people of living in the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus. (Romans 8:2)
I have no idea if this is true. But this is a most fascinating statement. Can anyone clarify this information?

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