Monday, June 10, 2013

HWA's Teaching of Non-Reproducing Dinosaurs

One curious thing HWA taught was that dinosaurs did not reproduce. I am not making this up. Dennis Diehl has mentioned this curious teaching a few times.

First some background. HWA taught the following:

(HWA's) God created the Universe and the Earth a very long time ago, possibly billions of years ago. On the Earth he created life and he sent a third of the Angels to Earth, under the authority of Lucifer, to beautify it and make it whole. This was the Earth in which the dinosaurs inhabited and lived in. Eventually Lucifer turned against God and lead his angels in a grand rebellion against God. They were defeated and cast out of Heaven upon the Earth. But as a result of this supernatural struggle all physical life in the Universe, including Earth, had been destroyed. It is then that God recreates the Earth to allow human life to live upon it as described in Genesis 1 and 2. (This is quite similar to what Jehovah's Witnesses teach.)

But one thing that is not readily apparent in most accounts of this is that HWA believed the dinosaurs did not reproduce themselves.

Notice what he wrote in The Incredible Human Potential. HWA is not writing about the initial creation of the Earth, he is writing about the situation after the failed rebellion of Lucifer and the Earth is in a chaotic and empty waste. Look at the link below if you do not believe me.
Consider, now, the truly AWESOME project God set out to accomplish - to REPRODUCE HIMSELF!
It is probable that, prior to this time, no form of life had ever been created with the reproductive process. Probably the very first example of reproductive life was that of plant life - at the time God was renewing the face of the earth (Gen. 1:11-12). God had created the physical universe before placing the angels on the earth. God had created MATTER containing properties so that marvelous things may be done with it. (Chapter 6.)

Notice also what HWA wrote in the 1978 booklet What Science Can't Discover about the Human Mind:
in six days God renewed the face of the earth. During this "creation week" of Genesis 1, God formed the first life forms that reproduced themselves -- the flora and then the fauna...Finally came the creation of MAN -- created in God's own image and likeness -- form and shape -- but like animals composed of physical MATTER from the earth.
Note the highlighted words. HWA is not being careless with his words. He really taught this idea that physical life in the pre-Adamic Earth did not reproduce.

Why did HWA think this?

As far as I can tell it seems to have something to do with his God Family doctrine and he is trying to make reproduction (natural and spiritual) appear more unique and remarkable by only happening after Lucifer's rebellion.

It was not just physical pre-Adamic life that did not reproduce. HWA taught that the Angels cannot reproduce or have a family relationship with each other. Notice the following from The Missing Dimension in Sex:
In the angel family God did not intend sex to be used -- so He did not design angels to be male and female. Angels have no sex apparatus, perform no sex function, do not reproduce. (Chapter 4.)

Satan is an individual being, with NO POWER TO REPRODUCE HIMSELF. Satan is deprived of FAMILY RELATIONSHIP. God, on the other hand, IS the divine FAMILY -- Father, Son and those begotten by the Holy Spirit to be born into it. God has bestowed on mankind the privileges of FAMILY, and of reproducing our kind, bringing our human offspring into our human FAMILIES. Satan resents this! (Chapter 6.)

Also notice what HWA wrote in The Increditable Human Potential:
All that had happened caused God to now UNDERTAKE THE MOST STUPENDOUS CREATION OF ALL - that of REPRODUCING HIMSELF! The ultimate creation of God Beings in His God Family superior to angels!

Reproducing HIMSELF?

Now came the CROWNING PINNACLE of even God's unmatched creative POWER! Now came the very zenith of all Divine accomplishment! Now came a project so incredulously transcendently AWESOME it is hard for the human mind to grasp. How could the great GOD - self-existent, before all else, CREATOR of all else, reproduce HIMSELF into multiplied millions of others JUST LIKE HIMSELF - Divine, supreme in power, perfect in character - each by his own choice perfectly like-minded with the Father, each having so set himself that he CANNOT SIN? (Chapter 5.)

It would appear to me that HWA was irritated by the thought that physical life in the pre-Adamic Earth reproduced themselves for billions of years. It made human reproduction appear less important. According to HWA humans have been reproducing for 6000 years. But if life in the pre-Adamic Earth have been reproducing themselves for billions of years why would (HWA's) God reproducing himself be anything special to see? How could reproduction be "the CROWNING PINNACLE of even God's unmatched creative POWER" if pre-Adamic life had already been doing so for billions of years?

HWA's answer to this problem was to simply deny that any pre-Adamic life could reproduce.

In summary:
It seems to me that HWA was denigrating pre-Adamic life as non-reproducing in order to elevate reproduction (natural and spiritual) among animals, humans and within the God Family as something that only happened after Lucifer's rebellion.
Of course, this is speculation. Ultimately only HWA fully understands why reproducing dinosaurs were a problem to him in the religion he cobbled together.

HWA's idea seems to be even more strange than is sometimes presented. HWA seems to think that all life, not just dinosaurs, all life, did not reproduce in the pre-Adamic era. Does this include grass? Does this include bacteria and single celled organisms?

Did HWA believe every dinosaur and every plant we found in the Earth are immortal beings, or that each were individually created by (HWA's) God himself, never to reproduce for the billions of years the pre-Adamic Earth existed?

My word! HWA was even crazier than we thought.


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    That would sure explain a lot.

    Did Adam name all the dinos?

    Will we be able to watch videos of this in the future?

  2. And all this time I though YECs were the ones with a monopoly on pseudoscience ...