Saturday, June 22, 2013

No Cheerful Givers with Third Tithe

 The following is from Chapter 1 of John Tuit's The Truth Shall Make You Free. This is a revealing description of what triple tithing really did to WCG members.
On top of that [first and second tithe] there was a third tithe every three years, which again was another tenth of that third year's income. There was an attempt made on the part of the Church to support all these tithing doctrines with Scripture. While we were in accord with the doctrine of the basic first tithe, we never did understand or agree with the additional tithing doctrines. While we had come to believe that this was God's only true church, we were perhaps more resistant than most members in doing everything that the Church taught. We did give holy day offerings, as we felt able, but we did not save a full tenth for our feast expenses. For purposes of going to the Feast we saved what we felt would be an appropriate amount for an eightday family vacation. Since we did not agree with the doctrine of the third tithe, we totally disregarded that....Whenever I talked to someone who was in what they called their third tithe year, I did not find a cheerful giver.
 What a damning indictment of the moral bankruptcy of the doctrine of the third tithe.

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