Sunday, August 25, 2013

Bob Thiel the Deceiver Deceived by a Kenyan

Because I was previously deceived by him, I was very amused to see this post from Banned by HWA. (He cites this post by the notorious legalist James Malm.)

It appears that George Otieno, Bob Thiel's deacon in Kenya, is conning him by feigning to be a follower of his.

At the same time Otieno is also affiliated with another COG group, the Church of God in Truth, which is led by James Russell, founded February 1993, and is based in Kimberling, Montana. They seem to be a calendar group, convinced that HWA observed the annual Sabbaths at incorrect times.

Bob Thiel was not aware of Otieno's affiliation until August 20.

Even better, it appears James Malm personally warned Thiel about Otieno but the unordained, self appointed false prophet Bob Thiel ignored him
I personally warned Bob about the situation in Kenya when he first announced his Kenya followers, it appears that he is now understanding the situation in Kenya.
Clearly the possibility of having a cult following in Kenya made him ignore the possible risks and made a decision that he probably now regrets.

Will this experience make Bob Thiel begin to better understand the pain HWA and his imitators have inflicted upon disillusioned former followers?

Alas, I strongly doubt that. The lure of tithe money will most likely make him ignore this lesson.

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