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British Israelism Bookstore: Part 2

This post is a list of some of the books you can find teaching British Israelism available from Covenant Publishing, Ltd., the publishing arm of the British Israel World Federation.

This is a continuation from Part 1.

Let the list begin:
  • Missing Links Discovered in Assyrian Tablets by E. R. Capt.
The fate of Israel after Assyrian captivity discovered in archeology; with photographs and illustrations.
  • Moses in the Hieroglyphs by G. Berkley.
A groundbreaking new book which will complete the basis for the revolution in conventional Old World chronology and lead to an understanding of our identity as a nation
  • Moses The Economist by C. F. Parker.
The Mosaic economy was designed for an imperfect people, to prepare the way for the Christian life. Moses foreshadowed Christ; and Christ was his greatest exponent, setting the ideal example of living the Divine Economy. The banking system is clearly out of line with biblical principles.
  • The Mummies of Urumchi by E. Wayland-Barber.
An unveiling of an ancient world which illuminates a little-known chapter of Central Asian history. Beautifully illustrated.
  • "O Biblios" The Book by Alan O'Reilly.
O'Reilly believes that the Authorised King James Version (AV1611) is the perfect word of God and the final authority in all matters of faith and practice. He also shows that in scholarship it is superior not only to the modern "Bibles" but also to all Greek and Hebrew texts and manuscripts. He believes that modern translations are of apostate scholarship and this book will attempt to prove it.
My word! This Britsh Israelism publisher even publishes one book which insists on KJV Only-ism, the idea that the King James Version is not just superior to any modern translation but that it is actually more superior than the original Hebrew and Greek. Words fail me.
  • Ollamh Fodhla by E. A. Conwell.
This interesting book formed part of a paper for the Royal Irish Academy in 1872. It identifies, with reference to ancient manuscripts, the ancient cemetery at Loughcrew, Co. Meath, at one time the most famous locality in Irish history, and the Tomb of Ollamh Fodhla, Ireland's famous Monarch and Law-maker of 3,000 years ago. Illustrated.
  • One of Jacob's Sons by R. N. Stuart.
Finland’s courageous and lonely resistance of the aggressive Soviet Invasion in 1939-40. Shows the inherent spirit of freedom and independence found in individuals and nations belonging to the whole House of Israel
  • Order of Melchizedek by C. A. Jennings.
Discover the majestic beauty of the King/Priest order and its yet future revelation in the “Manifestation of the Sons of God.”
Find out who the Melchizedek of Genesis 14 was who met Abram after the battle of the kings. Compare the Melchizedek order with the Aaronic order and see which one came first and which was the greater.
I wonder if this book teaches what HWA said, that Melchizedek was the pre-incarnate Christ in human form.
  • The Origin and Early History of Christianity in Britain by A. Gray.
Herein is a wealth of evidence to show that Britain was a Christian country long before Augustine
Ivor Fletcher and some within the COGs also teach this British Israelism dogma.
  • Orion The Glorious One by H. B. Rand.
The constellation Orion depicts Jesus Christ as the returning Prince.
HWA definately would not have said that. Armstrongites would be more inclined to say Orion is Nimrod.
  •  Our Scythian Ancestors by Gawler.
The task before us is to identify our Scythian Ancestors with the Lost Tribes of Israel.
  • Parthia by S. M. Collins.
 The ancient kingdom of Parthia played a key role in historical and biblical events
In HWA's WCG it was taught that the Parthians were Israelites.
  • The Rapture Plot by Dave MacPherson.
MacPherson does the work of a journalistic detective to uncover the truth of Bible prophecy and shows how plagiarism and subtle document changes created the 'mother of all revisionisms' regarding the pre-tribulation Rapture. Thoroughly researched and referenced.

Like HWA British Israelism condemns the doctrine of the Rapture.
  • The Reformation of Israel by Wm. Norman Saxon.
This is a very comprehensive booklet, in large format with a double page spread map showing Israel's tribal migrations to "The Appointed Place". The fact that it was written in 1987, before the collapse of the Soviet Union, does not detract from its essential prophetic message concerning the Stone Kingdom. Russia's growing volatile political state and the world debt crisis being nearer to the fall of Mammon, confirm the approach of the New Order of the Ages.
  • Revelation Unlocked by M. S. Jarvis.
This book gives us a glimpse into the mystery of things to come, of Heaven, the great tribulation, Satan and his angels’ doom and most importantly, the promise of the saints who live forever with Jesus in the New Testament
  • Revival Insights by R. Phillips.
An overview of the Welsh revival of 1904 / 1905 with the early leaders having a knowledge of the Israel Truth
  •  Russian Chapters of Ezekiel by WHM Miller.
If you think that Russia offers no threat now, think again. Written before the birth of the Soviet Union, Milner shows how prophecies concerning Russia are being, and will continue to be, fulfilled.
  • Sargon the Magnificent by S. Bristowe.
This book sets out the claim that Cain was the great Sargon, about which Babylonian inscriptions have much to say.
Some have taught that it was not Nimrod who started paganism but Cain.
  • Scottish Declaration of Independence by E. R. Capt.
Scotland's most precious possession: drawn up in 1320 by Bernard de Linton, Abbot of Aberbrothock and Chancellor of Scotland under Robert the Bruce, and sent to Pope John XXII after the defeat of Edward II showing the origins and migrations of the Scots and declaring Scotland's independence from outside rule.
This document is also cited within the COGs to insist that the British and Americans are descended from Israel, disregarding the irrefutable DNA evidence proving that it is not so.
  • Seven Times A Mark of Israel by M. Bennett.
God's judgements on Israel involve progressive steps of seven times, so that the ultimate seven times judgement lasts 2520 years.
HWA went on and on about 2520 years in his booklet about British Israelism.
  • Slavery, Terrorism and Islam - 2ed Edition by P. Hammond.
The greatest conflict of the past century has been between Islam and civilization, which has a great relevance in the modern world. This book has been revised and expanded.
Never mind the two World Wars and the Cold War. I would think those would easily be greater than any supposed conflict "between Islam and civilization".
  • St Joseph of Arimathea at Glastonbury by L. S. Lewis.
According to traditions and legends, St. Joseph of Arimathea, a merchant, came seeking tin, and accompanying him was the boy, Jesus.
  • Saint Paul in Britain by R. Morgan.
Not only was the faith planted here over five centuries before Augustine's arrival, but it is much more likely that Christianity took root in Britain before it was established in Rome
Ivor Fletcher, in his book The Incredible History of God's True Church, makes exactly the same claim.
  • The Stone Kingdom: America by E. R. Capt.
Capt traces the history of Daniels four empires: Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece and Rome, and their relationship with the fifth and final kingdom of Stone and casts new light on the mysteries surrounding the Kingdom Parables of Matthew and the Old Testament, speculating on the identity of this Kingdom. 
Capt appears to be saying the stone that topples the image of Daniel 2 is the United States of America. That is very different from HWA's teaching that it represented the returning Christ establishing the Kingdom of God upon the Earth with the newly resurrected and glorified members of "God's Church".

  • Stone of Destiny by W. Cannon.
An extensive account of the traditions, historical records and circumstantial evidence concerning the stone from earliest times until the theft in 1950. Includes a new chapter on the return of the stone to Scotland.
  • Stonehenge and the Great Pyramid - Window on the Universe by B. Gaunt.
Mathematician and theologist Bonnie Gaunt's fascinating study on the sacred geometry of Stonehenge and the Great Pyramid
  • Stories of Lost Israel in Folklore by Rev. J. B. Haggart.
So immersed were the Saxon people with The Bible content, that every fairy tale is flavoured with the message of The Bible
Or maybe they share common tropes of fiction and human experience that it only appears to be related but, in fact, are not? Also their DNAs are too different.
  • Story of Celto-Saxon Britain by W. H. Bennett.
The story of the lost Israelites, exploring language, heraldry, culture and prophecy fulfillment. An important key to understanding the fulfillment of the Biblical promises and covenants in our modern world
  • The Struggle for the Birthright by Dr. Stephen Jones.
Dr. Jones focuses on the portion of the Birthright given to Judah explaining Gods will and plan, and showing how Judah has violated the conditions for a lawful return to the land, citing numerous references to support his assertion that Gods Kingdom will be won without arms and violence. 
When the State of Israel was created in 1948, HWA condemned it saying that Britain, as the heirs of Ephraim, the son of Joseph, had more claim to rule Palestine than either the Jews or the Arabs. In fact many devotes of British Israelism condemned the creation of Israel on those grounds at the time. Tragically some British Israelites used this event to become rabidly anti-Semitic and created the virulently racist "Christian Identity" movement. This is what
  • Study in Jeremiah by H. B. Rand.
Knowledge and understanding of the entire scope of Jeremiah's mission in Palestine, Egypt and in the Isles of the West
Refers to the doctrine of British Israelism that Jeremiah took Zedekiah's daughter to Ireland to marry a chieftain there and the British monarchy springs from this union. 
  • Symbols of Our Celto-Saxon Heritage by W. H. Bennett.
This book is a study of the heraldic emblems of the tribes of early Israel to the present day as they developed into the Celtic-Saxon nation (Flags in full colour)
  • Tender Twig by F. Henking.
A true story of the touching and dramatic romance between Princess Tamar Tea Tephi and Prince Eochaidh.
  • Testimony in Stone by Kicklin.
The information in this book includes up-to-date evidence regarding the chronological significance of the King's Chamber in the Great Pyramid. The author confirms the claims that this ancient monument is indeed the 'Bible in Stone'.
More pyramidology.
  • To the Isles Afar Off by Robert C. Harvey.
Bob Harvey looks clearly and seriously at a group of stories that many Anglicans have heard of. He has researched them to flesh them out, and he ties them together to present an intriguing and persuasive case that Christianity is as old in Britain as anywhere else outside the Holy Land. His book should appeal to a wide audience.
  • Traditions of Glastonbury by E. R. Capt.
The Bible is strangely silent concerning Jesus' movements between the ages of 12 and 30. There are indications that Jesus was away from Palestine for possibly up to eighteen years. Where did he go?
This book will doubtless presents various traditions that Jesus, as a young man, migrated to Britain and lived there for a time with Joseph of Arimathea.
  •  The Two Babylons by Hislop.
Where did the practices and beliefs of Roman Catholicism come from? Hislop exhaustively investigates archeological artifacts of ancient Babylon and finds startling links between the worship of Nimrod and his Wife and Papal Rome.
This book is very familiar to anyone who has dabbled with Armstrongism. This is the book from which HWA concocted his teaching that Nimrod and his mother-wife Semiramis, inspired by Satan created a mystery religion centered in Babylon that was the source of all pagan beliefs.

Today we now know it is nonsense.
  • Whatever Happened to the Twelve Apostles? by E. Schroeder.
What did the twelve apostles do once the excitement of the Day of Pentecost died down? How did they fulfil the expectations Jesus had for them, despite persecutions and matrydom? Schroeder examines the available evidence from the writings of the early church fathers, linking this with biblical and historical evidence. Clearly referenced with maps.
Hoeh also indulged in speculating where the Twelve Apostles went.
  • Who were the Scots? by W. E. Filmer.
Outlines the way by which the Scots arrived in Scotland and points to where they originally came from and who they really are.
  • Witness of the Stars by Bulliger.
A richly comprehensive study of the significance of the stars, knowledge of which has been handed down from the great arabian astronomers of the past, giving a foundation to the hopes of coming glory."Bullinger takes Psalm 19 and expands the understanding of astronomy to include confirmation of God's word." Includes charts B/W.
  • World Government by W. Connon.
Deals with the history of government, administration and Laws. Considers that the twelve tribes of Israel will be the last world government, with Christ as Ultimate Ruler.
And that is the end of that particular list.

This is the sort of stuff HWA was reading when he was developing his particular set of doctrines and teachings now called Armstrongism. He took what he liked, disregarded what he did not like, and then foisted his take on British Israelism onto an unsuspecting public which he milked for all he could get.

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