Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Kenneth Copeland Preaches Against Vaccines, His Church Gets Measles

One church, Eagle Mountain International Church, led by Kenneth Copeland, has gotten into a spot of bother recently because of an outbreak of measles.
Vaccine-fearing Texas megachurch urges flock to immunize after measles outbreak.
Instead of her normal sermon on Sunday, Eagle Mountain International Church Pastor Terri Copeland Pearsons was forced to spend the majority of her time explaining how the congregation should react to the news that all of the 11 measles cases in Tarrant County had been linked to members or visitors of the church. ...

Tarrant County Public Health Department spokesperson Al Roy told WFAA that people in at least 10 of the cases were not able to produce documentation that they had been vaccinated. 
I am disappointed to hear that Kenneth Copeland has been causing people to fear getting vaccinated.

Before I encountered Armstrongism he was the first televangelist I ever watched. For a brief time I used to watch his show. Even got one or two magazines from him. But I was simply a spectator. Looking back on it, there were probably teachings he gave that I did not understand at the time. I never believed that he and only him had sole access to God, as I later did with Roderick C. Meredith's Living Church of God. Even before I encountered LCG I had lost interest in him and simply moved on to other things.

After I renounced Armstrongism I had no interest in him. It was not an active hostility, simply a passive acceptance that I was no longer in contact with this religious movement and I felt no need to change that.

In all this time I had no idea that Kenneth Copeland appears to have been inaccurately telling his flock that vaccines are dangerous. I am saddened that he fell into such a dangerous error.

Thankfully it appears that this measles outbreak has caused the leadership to encourage their members to get vaccinated. Which is a lot better than what HWA did.

Hat tip Cult News Network.

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