Monday, August 12, 2013

Is This Why HWA Chose Tkach?

Some speculate why did HWA choose a man like Tkach to be his successor. He is so unimportant they say.

Maybe that IS why he chose him.

It reminds me of what Tacitus, I think, said of Augustus' decision to appoint Tiberias as his successor. He chose someone less skilled than himself in hope that people would remember his rule fondly compared with the disaster that is Tiberias.

Maybe HWA thought the same way. He liked how unimportant Tkach was, compared with Garner Ted Armstrong, Stanley Rader, C. Wayne Cole or Roderick C. Meredith, etc., and chose Tkach because of that. He chose someone less charismatic so that WCG members would always remember HIM and not so much Tkach.

However Tkach had the last laugh. He decided to convert WCG to evangelical Protestantism in a decision that was very painful for many WCG members. HWA's decision destroyed all he had built up by years of deceitful self promotion and emotional blackmail.

HWA left behind a legacy of shattered dreams.

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