Saturday, August 3, 2013

Byker Bob: "The More Radical Fringes Gradually Lose Members and Disappear"

Byker Bob at Banned by HWA made this comment suggesting that the more authoritarian COGs are doomed for extinction, contrary to Pack's bizarre and weird false prophesy that the COGs will be providentially reunited under his rule by August 30, 2013.
Dave is doing something we hotrodders refer to as "burning rubber". It is as impressive as all hell when done with a torquey engine because of the sheer noise level and all of the smoke, but you don't want to do it during an actual race or you face a guaranteed loss.

Here he is in the race of his life, and there is no traction. You don't hear too much about radical, oppressive Seventh Day Adventist cults. They have had sufficient time to simply fade away. While David Koresh was one notable exception during our lifetimes, the main SDA church was never in danger of a radical takeover by Koresh's group. Same way with the FLDS and the mainstream Mormon church. Religious movements simply do not evolve in that way. The more radical fringes gradually lose members and disappear. Logically, one can expect Armstrongism to lose its rough edges, so that decades in the future it would resemble COG-7, the SDAs, or mainstream Mormonism. Pack and Flurry are on the endangered species list, they just don't know it yet.

That is one speculation I hope will come true.

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