Thursday, August 1, 2013

LCG's Syd Hull: Church Members Will Be Superior to All Those Deified After Christ's Return

Banned by HWA has highlighted that PCG's Mark Nash was imprisoned for tax evasion and yet he is still allowed to serve as their minister despite this.

This incident only serves to further demonstrate the crass elitism that is constantly at work within the COGs, especially PCG.

I remember once watching a PCG Young Ambassadors video that started with an except from one of Gerald Flurry's sermons and he was talking about how those who serve God will get "promoted".

This post also reminded me of another incident that further shows the pervasive elitism within the COGs.

I also remember once watching a sermon by LCG's Syd Hull, which was given in 1999 or 2000, in which he stated that those resurrected at the return of Christ will be forever superior over those who are saved later.

At the time, I am sorry to say, I thought what he said was amazing and profound. A new piece of wisdom that further bound me to LCG.

But even then I was somewhat disturbed at the implications of what Syd Hull. I felt sorry for all those not presently called that they could never have what we in "God's Church" would have.

But on the other hand I felt greatly flattered that God HAD CHOSEN ME to be part of the elite of the God Family that would restore the Earth after nuclear World War III. So I believed him.

Today I now see this attitude is all part of the terrible sense of elitism over "the world" within the COGs that was spawned by HWA.

Today such talk makes me mad. It is disgusting and vile.

Imagine that. Boasting that you and your contemporaries are superior over other saved Christians because you were saved later.

(Later Hull defected to Pack's RCG, then left him and returned to LCG as a lowly member and then later departed from this life.)

I have mentioned this in a previous post about Syd Hull's sermon but this topic bears repeating again.

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