Saturday, August 3, 2013

Why COGs Refuse to Change Themselves

Byker Bob made this enlightening comment at Banned by HWA on why COGs keep endlessly recycling old ideas and names stemming from HWA.
Most people in advertising recognize when a "brand" becomes sullied, or ineffective. It is why there are words like "new and improved", or "Pantron is now Fantasma!"

I wasn't around during the HWA revolution against COG-7. But, it seems that, unlike our current crop, he certainly did not set about to name entities within his new work after all of the facets of his former affiliation. We know he plagiarized, but the "freshness" of his new church relied more upon the pet theories and extrabiblical teachings of HWA's which COG-7 had had the good sense to reject, thus earning the label "Sardis".

Alas, the old man firebombed any possibility of freshening, upgrading, or even revision to compensate for error. After all, any rebirth, any fresh approach was foretold to be Laodecean (the only so-called era left, and an undesirable one at that!), and by self-styling as a specially inspired end times apostle, revision to his teaching was redefined as having "lost the faith once delivered". Of course, these are two bogus precepts, but those who have bought into them are forced into a permanent static condition of non revision. They must continue to recycle all things HWA.


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