Tuesday, August 27, 2013

COG Alexa Rankings (August 2013): Dave Pack is Down, so is Weinland

Here is the latest Alexa rankings for various COG websites.

UCG: 53,212
Philadelphia Trumpet (PCG): 108,171
RCG: 115,494
CGI/WCG (Tkach): 180,125
Tomorrow's World (LCG): 221,574
Cogwriter.com (Bob Thiel): 254,811
LCG: 289,043
CGG: 297,561
Real Truth (RCG): 456,355
Cogwa: 459,539
PCG: 474,649
Life, Hope and Truth (Cogwa): 568,546
COG-AIC (Hulme): 961,873
CCOG (Bob Thiel): 988,725
Herbert-Armstrong.org (Don Tiger): 1,184,914
Shining Light (James Malm): 1,217,186
CGI: 1,262,806
Plain Truth Ministries: 1,387,565
Triumph Prophetic Ministries: 1,596,464
CBCG (Fred Coulter): 1,721,171
Banned by HWA: 1,909,673
Cogl.org (LCG): 2,369,667
RonaldWeinland.com (Weinland): 2,571,463
COG Faithful Flock: 2,589,573
Hold Fast to All Things: 2,886,795
COG Seventh Day: 3,331,291
The Journal: 3,438,877
Intercontinental COG: 3,083,017
CEM (Ron Dart): 3,112,823
Kubik.org (UCG): 3,614,706
TheEnd.com (Weinland): 3,706,064
Foundation Institute (Cogwa): 4,866,520
COG the Eternal: 6,148,762
COG-PKG (Weinland): 6,529,070
Faithful COG in Laodicea: 11,640,910
CGOM: 12,156,111
Biblical Truth (Weinland): 19,721,535
COGAIC.org (Hulme): 22,313,502

Dave Pack's websites have dropped their Alexa ranking since last month. Both RCG.org and the RealTruth.com have stayed in their previous positions and have actually dropped in Alexa ranking.

RCG.org was 105,715 last month, now it is 115,494.

RealTruth.com was 435,144 last month, now it is 456,355.

One would think that if the COGs were about to be reunified under the rule of Dave Pack there would be a surge of activity. However, as everyone outside of Pack's information bubble expected, this has not happened. 

Also notable is how Ronald Weinland's websites have plummeted since last month.

TheEnd.com was 830,376 last month, now it is 3,706,064.

RonaldWeinland.com was 1,047,506 last month, now it is 2,571,463.

COG-PKG.org was 2,137,763 last month, now it is 6,529,070.

It would appear many have been drifting away from him now that he is less able to control them. I wish these brave and courageous defectors well. 

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