Monday, August 5, 2013

Women Must Be Treated With Respect

The COGs have long had a history of dysfunctional households in which women and children are beaten up. (For examples see here and here.) COG ministers have long pushed their members to be stern with their children, causing untold pain and suffering among many families, most infamously through Garner Ted Armstrong's book, The Plain Truth about Child Rearing. One particularly extreme example of maltreatment of children caused by such an attitude may be seen here and here. Recently PCG has been publishing articles encouraging PCG members to 'discipline' their children as taught within the old WCG, as may be seen here, here, and here.

As a little antidote I wish to share these words from Roger Lancelyn Green's book, King Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table (1953).

Here Merlin is instructing King Arthur's knights how to behave as honorable and righteous knights.
Do no outrage nor murder nor any cruel or wicked thing; fly from treason and all untruthfulness and dishonest dealing; give mercy unto those who seek it - or sit no more at this Table. And always give the help in your power to ladies and damsels, go out to succour gentlewomen and widows, turn from all else to right any wrong done to any women in the world - and never, on pain of death and eternal disgrace, do you any ill thing to a women, or suffer it to be done. Nor, for love or gain, fight in any quarrel that is not just and righteous.
Many COG men would have done well to try and live up to ideals like these.

A lot of men within the COGs desperately need to be better informed about how to treat women and stop thinking they have some dictatorial authority over them they need to enforce violently with temper tantrums and fists.

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