Sunday, August 18, 2013

"It is Extremely Evil to Cut People off from Their Families at the Usual Holiday Times"

I saw the following comment from Secularist-Humanist Buddhist at Banned by HWA
I believe it is extremely evil to cut people off from their families at the usual holiday times, as that is often the ONLY time some families get together. It is just as EVIL to cut children off from their culture, make them feel odd or undeserving because they can't participate in normal holidays or get gifts or Easter eggs or valentines.
This serves to demonstrate that banning traditional holidays is simply a method of isolating WCG members from society in order to more effectively exploit them.

I well remember J at the now defunct Shadows of WCG blog making the same point. Thankfully his family later got out and were able to resume their contact with families in that way.

Banning Christmas, Easter and other festivities was a most wicked thing that HWA did. Many of his imitators like Meredith, Pack, Flurry, Thiel, and others continue spread such destructive nonsense. HWA banned these things in order to make his followers give more money to him and his organization. He even complained in The Plain Truth about Christmas about not getting as much money flowing in because of the Christmas season after it ended. He just wanted more money.

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