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British Israelism Bookstore

It is well known that Herbert W. Armstrong plagiarized British Israelism, the idea that the British and the Americans are descended from two of the lost ten tribes of Israel, that of Manasseh and Ephraim, the sons of Joseph.

Also DNA evidence proves British Israelism is incorrect. Europeans are not descended from Israelites.

Awhile ago I went to the British Israel World Federation's online bookstore, Covenant Publishing Ltd., which is based in Britain.

Let us look at some of the stuff these British-Israelites believe.

The titles I have altered slightly and is not a quote. The titles in this list show the name of the book or booklet followed by the name of the author. Below is the blurb that Covenant Publishing Ltd. provides.
  • As Birds Flying by A. Adams
An in-depth study of the history and events that led to prophecy being fulfilled in the relief of Jerusalem in 1917. Black and white illustrations.
I recall in his early days HWA taught there was biblical significance to Britain seizing control of Jerusalem from the Ottomon Turks in 1917. Over time, as this historical detail became less relevant he simply moved on to other topics.
  • Biblical Bulwarks by A. O'Reilly
An outline of the development of Britain's scriptural foundations as a nation. It shows how these foundations are incompatible with Britain's membership of the European Union.
How similar this is to Armstrongism's insistence that Britain would not join the European Common Market, and once it did said it would not join the final European Beast power.
  • Britain Awake! by D. Hilliard
A prophetic warning to the Nation of impending judgement.
  •  Buddha The Israelite by I. Hill-Elder
Fascinating study detailing how the original Buddha was Buzi, the father of Ezekiel the prophet, who was a missionary to the lost tribes; that the current version of the buddhist faith is a corruption of the monotheistic belief of the outcast tribes of Israel.
It is just 11 pages long. A personal favorite of mine as it shows how British Israelism is so full of nonsense, I must regretfully report.
  • The Challenge of the Great Pyramid by H. B. Rand
This book is a fundamental presentation of evidence concerning the prophetic revelation-measures of the Great Pyramid of Gizeh.
It is often commented upon that British Israelism is often linked with pyramidology.

  • Christian Anglo-Israel Message: Its Acceptance In The Late 19th & Early 20th Centuries by R. A. Balaicius.
Compilation of media reviews and personal letters sent in the USA and Canada in response to the Rev.W.H.Poole's book, "Anglo-Israel or the Saxon Race"
Just because it may have been a bit more fashionable then does not mean it is true or that it is an idea worth following.
  • Dan, Pioneer of Israel by J. C. Gawler.
Remarkably clear book giving the history of the Tribe of Dan, showing their movements and colonisations eventually leading to Scandinavia, Ireland and Scotland; with an explanation of the root-word 'Dan'. A vital book for the Anglo-Israel theory. Illustrated.
It is just 40 pages long.
  • Daughters of Destiny by Glyn S. Lewis.
An idea arose in Victorian Britain that the royal dynasty and throne of David, King of Israel and Judah c. 1000 BC, far from dying out as the result of successive Assyrian and Babylonian invasions, has continued in an unbroken line that leads directly to the British Throne. Following this royal line through Irish, Argyllshire, Scottish and English history, Lewis finds that our Queen Elizabeth II is descended from the Judean princess who came to the shores of Ireland. The end of the book suggests that the genealogical descent includes a sign of Christ's forthcoming return, and for this reason the British monarchy and throne could be approaching a new era.
  • David's Greater Son by H. B. Rand
This booklet presents evidence that Jesus Christ was not a Jew, as Jews are now defined, but he was of the line of Abraham, an Israelite of the seed of David, born of the virgin Mary. Clear understanding of this fact is vital for every Christian.
Even HWA never said that. Even HWA knew that Christ was a Jew, ethnicly speaking.
  • Did Jesus Come to Britain? by Glyn S. Lewis.
An investigation into the traditions that Christ visited Cornwall and Somerset.
Ivor Fletcher also mentioned those traditions in his book, The Incredible History of God's True Church, his account of church history which HWA and Hoeh manufactured to awe WCG members into their power. That "church history" is largely untrue as Bruce Renehan revealed in his book Daughter of Babylon
  • Did the Catholic Church Give Us the Bible? by D. W. Daniels.
'This book will be a wild ride and an eye opener'. It shows, in a simple form, that the Bibles that Rome gave us are really clever counterfeits, designed to eliminate the King James Version of the Bible, and subtly change history. Illustrated with cartoons.
This reminds me of an article John Ogwyn wrote claiming the Apostles set the New Testament canon and not the Council of Carthage of 397.
  • Doubleness in the Bible by M. D. Bennett.
A key to the pattern of history is the striking element of doubleness in the Bible:frequent repetition of statements; the dual occurence of events; and the 'doubleness' of time-measures, are all considered in this booklet.
That blasted dualism idea of HWA's that is used so often within the COGs. 
  • The Early British Church by L. G. Roberts.
This booklet has for its object the proof that the British Church is the result of Hebrew inception and not from Rome. It also establishes deductive evidence that the original British settlers were Hebrews in their original.
  •  Elijah The Tishbite by H. B. Rand. 
A summary of the ministry and message of the prophet Elijah. Rand identifies the prophetic links between Elijah's life and future events.
We in or once a part of the COGs are all too aware of how HWA and his pathetic imitators try to do the same thing.
  • Ephraim and Manesseh - Role Reversal Refuted by R. Phillips.
The emerging controversial America-Ephraim Theory is challenged as Phillips explores God’s promise to Jacob to be a Nation and Company of Nations
  •  Far Beyond the Stars by W. de M. Seaman.
The author brings evidence of a divine foreknowledge of all human history. He illustrates this by the Zodiac, the Great Pyramid and the Holy Bible.
How disgusting it is to use occultism in what is supposed to be a Christian faith, as this man appears to be doing.
  • Four Thirty (430) in Scripture by M. D. Bennett.
A booklet which addressess the question of whether the period of 430 years might have a major and recurrent significance in the history and affairs of Israel.
More wild speculation trying to see patterns that are not there because the grace and salvation offered by Jesus is not enough for them.
  • Future of Israel and Judah by J. Wild.
'Discourses on the Lost Tribes of Israel': excerpts from Dr.Wild's book "The Lost Ten Tribes"(1878), giving a clear presentation of the truth of scripture regarding the true genetic descendants of Israel.
Here comes three pieces of writing promoting pyramidology, the idea that there is some prophecy hidden in the structural dimensions of the Great Pyramid, alleged created by Job they often allege. HWA and Hoeh also occasionally promoted this idea. This idea was also promoted by the followers of Charles Taze Russell, the forerunners of today's Jehovah's Witnesses.
  • Great Pyramid Decoded by E. R. Capt.
Who has not wondered about the Great Pyramid of Giza? Now with the aids of modern archeology and scientific research, pyramidology has unlocked the secret of the Pyramid of Giza.
  •  Great Pyramid Power by T. Foster.
What is Spiritual power? Is it [I assume he means the Great Pyramid] the Bible in stone?
  • Great Pyramid Proof of God by G. R. Riffert.
Showing the increasing significance of the Great Pyramid of Gizeh and links with the crisis in world affairs and religion, shown by astronomical, historical and Messianic facets of the design and symbolism of the pyramid.
  •  Hope of the Resurrection by H. B. Rand.
If you think you have been 'born again', think again! This booklet gives a very different view of what it means to be born again from the generally accepted opinion. 
How similar this seems to be to HWA's doctrine that a Christian is not born again until the return of Christ, but instead one is spiritually conceived and grows like a fetus in the womb until the birth.
  • I Want to be Left Behind by R. Poch.
An in-depth look into the rapture
Similar to Armstrongism (and the virulently racist Christian Identity) it seems that British Israelism also denounces the rapture.
  • Iceland's Great Inheritance by A. Rutherford.
Rutherford shows Iceland to be the most highly cultured nation in the world. The great destiny of Iceland will prove to be a blessing not only to the Icelanders but also the kindred Scandinavian, Anglo-Saxon and Celtic peoples.
  • Israel's Tribes Today by S. M. Collins.
This book gives substantial evidence of the Israelite origin of large modern nations today, as opposed to isolated little bands of people.
  • Jacob's Pillar by E. R. Capt.
The Scriptures are full of references to 'stones', both literal and symbolic. One such is the one where the patriarch, Jacob, rested his head when he dreamed of the heavenly ladder.
It is well known that Richard David Armstrong once wrote a Plain Truth article claiming the Stone of Scone was the stone Jacob slept on when he had his dream at Bethel, and that it was carried by the Israelites during their forty years of wandering in the wilderness, and transported by Jeremiah to Ireland (which is a teaching of British Israelism). Even Walter Martin mentioned this piece of absurdity in the 1984 edition of Kingdom of the Cults.

  • Judah's Scepter and Joseph's Birthright by J. H. Allen.
An analysis of the prophecies of the Scriptures regarding the Lost Ten Tribes.
 As it is well known this is the book that HWA based his teaching on British Israelism on.

  • King Arthur Conspiracy by G. Berkley.
A new synthesis of the knowledge about King Arthur that will challenge and change our understanding of British history.
  •  Last Days of the Red Throne by D. Thomas.
One of the most remarkable prophecies written in the Bible, regarding the Edomite control over nations, is today being fulfilled before our very eyes.
 I have no idea if they are talking about Turkey. It does not appear so based on how this blurb is written.
  • The Legendary XII Hides of Glastonbury by R. Gibbs.
Ray Gibbs investigates the legends of Joseph of Arimathea in Glastonbury, the XII hides, and King Arthur: he deals with them in a competent and sympathetic manner, employing his local knowledge of geography and history to deliver some surprising conclusions about Britain's oldest Christian site.
  • Lost Chapter of the Acts of the Apostles by E. R. Capt.
The Sonnini Manuscript, better known as the 'Long Lost Chapter of the Acts of the Apostles' contains the account of Paul's journey in Spain and Britain
Ivor Fletcher also made use of this piece of writing in his book.
  • Lost Israel Found - In Their Own Words by C. A. Jennings.
Jewish testimonies concerning the ten "lost" tribes of Israel
Now they are pretending that even the Jews believe them. Some Jews may very well be persuaded of British Israelism but that does not change the fact that British Israelism is untrue.
  • The Lost Tribes of Israel: Still Lost in Church Theology by R. N. Stewart.
National blindness was the inevitable consequence of Israel's unfaithfulness
  • The Lost Tribes of Israel by Robert Harris, K. C.
Reader Harris shares the message that changed his atheism to belief in the truth of the Bible, giving the scriptural and historical data for the prophecies concerning Israel.
  • Maelgwn of Llandaff and Joseph of Arimathea by M. A. Kelly, edited by Michael A. Clark.
The immense Christian heritage of South Wales has been obscured for centuries. This book reveals the evidence for the grave of Joseph of Arimathea in Cardiff and the history of the kings who ruled Britain in defiance of the Roman occupation.
Wow! So much nonsense all based on the irrefutably false doctrine of British Israelism.

Why on earth did HWA think there was anything worth keeping from this web of fables and fact free delusions?

I have not gone through everything so I might make another list later.


  1. The old Ambassador library in Pasadena was filled with Pyramidology books. Some of them were the original books from the 1800's

  2. This just makes me sick -- I've worked so hard to debunk British Israelism, but here we are: The nonsense continues and escalates.

    Not to worry, I'm working on a new book.