Saturday, August 10, 2013

More Testimonies from LCG

Since I last checked Exit and Support Network now has two testimonies from ex-LCG members.

1.My Mind Was Finally Opened About Living Church of God.

This testimony contain one example of shocking repudiation of goodwill among LCG members.
In the congregation was a couple whose income is $700 a month. Members would give them money and food to help. I mean, that's what Christian love is about. The pastor stopped that. He had the deaconesses go to each member and tell us not to give them anymore money. A few of the members did not follow the order. This was hard for me to believe. I could not live on $700 a month, and I know that the pastor could not. 
2. My Gut Feeling Said Something Wasn't Right.
Testimony from a former student of the unaccredited Living University (LU).

Details how leaders within LCG tried to restrict access to critical information, how they demonized critical sources of information to him in order to preemptively persuade him to ignore any negative information about LCG he may encounter.

The way he describes it, it appears LU is mainly focused upon producing new ministers.
My girlfriend became a threat to my potential "to be used", because if I came to LU, fell in love with her, left and got married (even if we remained in the group) what an awful waste that would be of a perfectly good potential minister. We're always told there's a shortage of young men.
He also describes how LCG members are horribly fixated on divining when the world will end with World War III and the return of Christ. This is true.

I can well recall when reading their so-called Bible Study Course by John Ogwyn, around 2000-1 there was one "lesson" that implied that Christ had to return by 2017.

It was a series of ten questions that cited ten verses that mentioned a long length of time. It was trying to combine these verses together to imply that Adam and Eve must have been created in 3983 BC and that, if you count 6000 years from then, you would arrive at 2017. No doubt they have quietly removed that "lesson" for something else in whatever they now use to indoctrinate people.

Both testimonies are well worth reading.

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