Wednesday, August 28, 2013

HWA Visits World Court: "Last Chance for Peace?" HWA Gets it Wrong Again

This article, I Visit the World Court: Last Chance for Peace?, written in the mid-1970s, HWA speculates that the world faces a "last chance for peace". He cunningly adds a question mark so that he has plausible deniability to claim he is not claiming Christ's return is around the corner, when that is exactly what he is doing.

HWA had a long and shameful history of peddling false prophecies in order to scare people into following him and to become a member of WCG and submit to all kinds of exploitative behavior for his benefit. Even in the 1980s after he wrote this article he was still teaching that Christ's return was just around the corner, as may be seen here and here.

"Last chance for peace?" Over thirty years later we are still here. The Cold War is over. And the prospects for a World War III are much more distant than was the case during the Cold War.

HWA got it wrong again.

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  1. Yes, but, in a sense he was right: The Armstrongist Churches of God have been at war ever since.