Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Armed Guards at LCG in Kansas City

Banned by HWA is reporting that the LCG congregation in Kansas City has employed armed guards to protect the congregation.

So it seems LCG's leaders in Kansas City are worried someone might attack them.

Perhaps they should be more worried if one of those guards happened to have an accident with those guns or played around with it out of boredom.

I dearly hope nothing like that ever happens.


  1. Couldn't agree more! Cops and guards are not generic. Each individual has a unique level of skills and competence. Not all of them are as professional as most people would hope. Cops have accidentally dropped their weapons, at which point they went off in crowded areas. I knew of one who removed the clip from his Glock, and then treated it as "unloaded", not realizing that there was still a round chambered. That's in fact the way most accidents happen with semi-automatics. The "unloaded" gun that's not really unloaded.

    Since the ACOGs deal mostly with outward appearance, one would suspect that any guard they hired would probably be little more than an "extra" or prop. Unless he had counter-terrorist training, or years of experience in a major city's police department, anyone who knew what he was doing could probably take him out.


  2. I agree, Byker Bob. If I was in that particular LCG congregation I would be more worried about the gun that is there than the gun that almost certainly is not out there.