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PCG Discussing the 2014 War in Gaza

A year ago war raged between the State of Israel and Hamas led Gaza. Let us take a look at how PCG presented this deadly conflict to their readers and viewers.

PCG teaches the doctrine of British Israelism and teach that white Americans are descended from the biblical Israelites. This leads to the conclusion that white Americans are the brothers and sisters of the Jews. This causes PCG members to view Jews as members of the white race. PCG has projected their own whiteness upon the Jews. The Jews did not ask that of PCG. This is an idea PCG imposes upon Jews without the Jews' permission.

But the dogma of British Israelism is untrue. In fact DNA evidence refutes British Israelism. As has shown it is built on a foundation of sand.

Therefore PCG steals the distinctive cultural identity of the Jewish people for themselves. (This is also true of the other COGs.) Those who say they are Israelites when they are not are stealing the cultural identity of the Jewish people. British Israelism is theft. British Israelism violates the commandment, "Thou shalt not steal".

Sad to say PCG supports the State of Israel for the same reason they banned interracial marriage: to advance white supremacy. Oh what folly British Israelism sprouts.

Consequently PCG presents this war in a very simplistic black and white manner. One side is good, namely the State of Israel which PCG view as part of the white race. One side is bad, namely the Palestinians who are viewed as "not white" by PCG because of British Israelism. There is no attempt by PCG's writers to deviate from this simple script.

(I only use this argument here to focus on PCG. The vast majority of those who support the State of Israel do not believe the nonsense of British Israelism.)

It is also notable that the war was exploited to advance various views that PCG often state regarding other matters. One article exploits tensions resulting from the war to fear monger about immigrants. Another article insinuates Germany will take over the United States' role as mediator in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. One article even insinuates in a most sickeningly alarmist manner that "another Holocaust may be starting."

The following is a list of articles made by PCG's leadership discussing last year's war. Many of the article discuss not the war itself but the demonstrations that occurred because of the war.

The events he is referring to are the growing number of anti-Jew protests taking place around the world. Since Israel began Operation Protective Edge in Gaza to destroy Hamas terror tunnels into Israel, protests demonizing Israel have been staged throughout Europe, Canada, the United States, Australia and elsewhere. These protests generally feature chanting anti-Semitic slogans, burning Israeli flags, and even trying to incite violence against Jews and Jewish property. In several protests, Jews have been assaulted. (Tyrel Schlote, Jews Fear Another Holocaust Is Starting in Europe, July 29, 2014.)
 And did another Holocaust start in Europe last year? Of course not.
On Monday, the Israeli Knesset held an emergency meeting, not about Israel’s military operation in Gaza or about a political crisis in the Israeli government, but about the “rising wave of violent anti-Semitic and anti-Israel demonstrations sweeping Europe.” (The Anti-Jewish Surge: No Big Deal—Right?, The Trumpet Daily, July 31, 2014.)

The current war in Gaza may appear to be like any other recent war Israel has fought against its Arab neighbors. Most headlines report with the typical slant: Palestinians good, Israelis evil. The casual observer sees that as normal; people around the world are taking to the streets to protest Israel’s “crimes.” But underneath the mountain of shallow reporting, the true facts show this is not just another Arab-Israeli war.
As of August 2, 63 Israeli soldiers had been killed, along with 1,650 Gazans, making it Israel’s deadliest war since 2008. The Trumpet has reported on the unprecedented levels of anti-Semitism around the world and the violent protests taking place in many nations. It has gotten so bad that leading Jews are fearful that another Holocaust may be starting. (Israel Finds Unlikely Allies in Arab States, August 6, 2014.)
And the article above fails to even mention who said that. (Although that may be seen in the July 29 article above.) It is astounding to imagine that while that terrible war was ongoing last year, even though the vast majority of fatalities were endured by the Palestinians of Gaza, some in PCG were being made to fear that "another Holocaust may be starting." What a bizarre and extreme speculation.
Here is what happened. On July 18, approximately 800 pro-Hamas supporters chanting venomous anti-Israel slogans marched on Calgary’s City Hall to show their support for Palestinians in the ongoing war in Gaza. According to video footage, what appears to be three or four men holding Israeli flags engaged in a discussion with some of the Palestinian supporters, who became increasingly angry. Moments later, a man from the Palestinian crowd grabbed one of the Israeli flags. When the pro-Israel man tries to grab it back, he is sucker-punched and assaulted.
A mob of approximately 100 incensed Hamas-supporters then decided to cross the street to where a family of six pro-Israel supporters had arrived approximately two minutes earlier carrying their highly inflammatory signs that read: “Keep Calm, Support Israel” and “Israel has the right to defend itself.” ...
Sacrificing Canadian national heritage to celebrate, maintain and promote the varying cultures and distinct international identities within the nation in the hope it will encourage social cohesion is folly. This policy, called multiculturalism, is doomed to fail. It is impossible for greater national unity to result from greater differences. (Robert Morley, ‘Kill the Jews’ in Canada, August 7, 2014.)
In the quote above it is seen how tensions caused by the war in Gaza is exploited to fear monger about immigrants.
What is noteworthy and of major prophetic significance is that Israel this time did not turn to a multinational force, or even to Europe in general. Lieberman’s remarks clearly show that Israel’s leaders are looking to Berlin as Europe’s leader and decision-maker and the nation they must trust and rely on. This, in some ways, is logical. Germany is obviously the clear-cut leader of Europe—the nation with the wealth, resources and geopolitical influence to get things done. The Islamists in Gaza hate America as much as they hate Israel, therefore any stipulation for U.S. inspectors in a broader peace agreement would be flatly rejected. Besides, Israel can’t be certain America would even provide such assistance. Europe, despite the frightening anti-Semitic outbursts in various European cities, is perceived to be more neutral and objective. (Brad MacDonald, Israel Calls for German Help in Solving Gaza Conflict, August 8, 2014.)
In the quote above it may be seen how the war in Gaza is exploited to insinuate that Germany will soon take over the United States' role as mediator in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. That is viewed by PCG as a sign that the Great Tribulation will soon occur.
One of the more remarkable stories to come out of the latest Israel-Hamas war are reports of recent miracles being witnessed and experienced by Israel Defense Forces (IDF) personnel.
Jerusalem-based news agency Israel Today translated a Hebrew account of an Iron Dome air defense operator who has reported witnessing a miracle. According to the operator’s account of the events, Israel’s air defense system Iron Dome twice failed to destroy an incoming Gaza missile that was going to kill a lot of innocent civilians until at that very last moment a major east wind pushed it into the sea. The operator assigns credit for the gusty east wind to the “hand of God.”(Timothy Oostendarp, IDF Soldiers Claim ‘Hand of God’ and ‘Clouds of Glory’ Saving Israel, August 12, 2014.)
The media outlet cited above, Israel Today, is a religious media outlet. Considering how PCG constantly demonizes Germany it is ironic that this publication was first published in German.

And while it is good that particular rocket didn't hurt anyone what about all the Israeli soldiers who died? And of course all the people of Gaza who died? What about the pain and suffering of the families and friends of all those who died and have to move on without them? One should not sanitize the terrible nature of war as in done in the story above. 
A recent report from Israel’s internal security agency, Shin Bet, revealed that while Hamas was fighting Israel from the Gaza Strip, it was simultaneously planning an elaborate and destructive takeover of the West Bank. Hamas wants control over the West Bank, and it will use any deceptive and destructive means to get it. (Hamas’s Plot to Take Over Israel’s West Bank, Trumpet Daily, August 25, 2014.)
 And one year later Hamas still hasn't taken over the West Bank.
A senior Hamas official in exile admitted that Hamas’s armed wing, Qassam Brigades, was responsible for abducting and killing the three Jewish teens in June. The murders were followed by the killing of a Palestinian boy, leading to riots and triggering the ongoing war in Gaza. The founding member of Hamas’s military wing, Saleh al-Arouri, boasted of the group’s direct responsibility in the attack at a conference in Turkey organized by the World Association of Muslim Scholars on August 20. (Anthony Chibarirwe, Hamas Admits to Murdering Three Israeli Teens, August 26, 2014.)

The seven-week war between Hamas terrorists and Israel Defense Forces is now over—at least for the time being. Terrorists in Gaza launched missiles at civilians for weeks while the IDF hit Gaza with airstrikes and even a ground incursion to shut down its smuggling tunnels. It’s estimated that more than 2,100 Palestinians died, along with 70 Israelis. (Stephen Flurry, Hamas Terrorists Now More Popular in West Bank, The Trumpet Daily, September 9, 2014.)

Every Muslim around the world should arm Hamas in Gaza in its fight against Israel, Iran’s supreme leader said during a prayer ceremony on July 29. “[T]he Muslim world has a duty to arm the Palestinian nation by all means,” Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said. He called Israel a “rabid dog” and a “rapacious wolf” that has “attacked innocent people, and humanity must show a reaction. This is genocide, a catastrophe of historical scale.” (Worldwatch: Iran rallies Muslims against Israel, October 2014.)
In the quote above it may be seen how the war is exploited to insinuate that Iran will emerge as the king of the south. Since 1994 PCG has vilified Iran and has taught that it is fated to become the King of the South.
Mahmoud al-Zahar, the terrorist organization’s co-founder and political bureau member, assured Al-Ayyam newspaper on October 1 that his group wants to seize the West Bank and then destroy Israel.
Speaking to the Ramallah-based Palestinian newspaper at a ceremony honoring policemen killed by the Israeli military, Zahar explained: “[Some] have said Hamas wants to create an Islamic emirate in Gaza. We won’t do that, but we will build an Islamic state in Palestine, all of Palestine.”(Anthony Chiberirwe, Hamas Vows to Create an Islamic State in the West Bank, October 22, 2014.)

Most of Israel’s Jewish citizens viewed Operation Protective Edge as a just war. It was careful and precise, aimed at limiting civilian casualties as much as possible. But that goal was made far tougher by Hamas’s efforts to maximize Palestinian casualties in order to evoke global outrage against Israel.
True to Hamas’s aims, many people in the West blamed the Jews for the escalation of the Gaza War. Israel’s already poor international reputation was further trashed. A poll that summer asked Israeli Jews, “How do you feel about the famous saying ‘the whole world is against us’?” Nearly two thirds said yes, that pretty well sums up our life. (Joel Hilliker, Israel vs. the World, January 2015.)


The tenor of these articles are utterly unsurprising to anyone familiar with PCG's stance on this issue. Even when admitting that about "1,650 Gazans" were killed (as may be seen in the August 6 quote above) there is in general no attempt to show sympathy towards those Palestinians who died.  It is simply assumed that one side is good and the other side is evil. PCG's dogmatic stance on this issue is strictly adhered to here.

The war in which so many died is simply used as fodder for PCG's unceasing proclamations that their prophetic dogmas are finally being unfolded before the eyes of PCG members and co-workers.The PCG leadership can't afford to let their followers focus on the times their prophecies failed. The tithes must be sent to Headquarters.

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