Tuesday, August 11, 2015

PCG Using Mass Murder to Fear Monger About Immigrants

While discussing the terrible mass murder in Chattanooga, Tennessee in which four Marines and a sailor were viciously murdered Robert Morley exploits this incident of mass murder to proclaim the failure of multiculturalism in America. In other words to stir up fear of ethnic minorities among the predominantly white members of PCG. The segment begins 26 minutes within the broadcast.

It is stated that the murderer had a prosperous life before going on his murderous rampage.
Why did he become radicalized? Why did he turn against the country that provided so much for him and his family? And I think it speaks to a couple of things. One of which is the failure of multiculturalism in America. This idea that you can bring people from all around the world from all kinds of different cultures and backgrounds and bring them to America and that they'll check their differences, their historic grievances and animosities at the door and become American. And as we're seeing increasingly that isn't happening. (Robert Morley, Trumpet Hour, July 17, 2015 broadcast, 28-29 minutes.)
PCG's leadership has long been complaining that too many immigrants are coming to America. Why are they like this? For the same reason they banned interracial marriage and demonize Japan: to advance white supremacy.

Another possible reason is that PCG's teachings are marketed for white Americans and the possibility that their percentage of the population may decline is feared as weakening PCG's ability to find new recruits among the white majority in America.

Later on Robert Morley talks about the mass murder to fear monger about immigrants claiming that too many immigrants are putting Americans in danger.
And we saw this in the media a lot over the years. Just this self loathing of America and its ideals. And we went to the Middle East because we wanted the oil and this and that and all this kind of thing of thing and that these people naturally have a right to be angry at us. ...
You know we saw in the media ... especially in previous cases we saw them pretending like the greatest danger in this war on terror is increased discrimination against these peaceful Muslims. Like they talk like the biggest danger for America is if, you know, suddenly there's going to be discrimination against Muslims. Well we don't see people going out there and attacking Muslims and going into their mosques and shooting people up. That doesn't happen in America. At least to this point we havn't seen that.
But what we are seeing is individuals refusing to conform to an American identity, adopt American ideals and attacking our forces, our military, here in America. So to me the biggest danger is this political correctness in refusing to admit the danger that our immigration policy is putting the nation in. And you can tell that to the families of those soldiers who died. One of them had Purple Hearts. [A] teenager was the other one. And it's a very, very sad situation. (Robert Morley, Trumpet Hour, July 17, 2015 broadcast, 32-33 minutes.)
"That doesn't happen in America", Morley confidently asserts. And yet just a few months ago, in Edmond, PCG's hometown where, presumably Morley lives, "vandals tossed bacon along the doorway of an Edmond mosque near the University of Central Oklahoma" as mentioned in a previous post. This hateful act of vandalism happens right on PCG's doorstep and they said nothing.

Also back in February three Muslims were shot to death in Chapel Hill. Did the PCG leadership take note of such a thing?

The reason "That doesn't happen in America" is because the PCG leadership are not looking for evidence of such things. They don't notice such things.

It is notable how there is little concern that innocent Muslims may be unjustly targeted by the authorities.

And now let us notice how this tragic massacre is used to fear monger about immigrants.

So letting immigrants into America is putting the nation in "danger", Morley confidently asserts. Strange how this was no talk of how white supremacists were leading the nation into "danger" after the terrorist attack in Charleston which actually killed more Americans than this the mass shooting in Chattanooga. Instead Stephen Flurry insinuated that some African Americans were just like the murderer and plotting to launch a "race war" against the white majority. How respectful towards the victims and their community.

It is worth noting that Morley said very similar things about immigrants and dogmatically proclaiming "the failure of multiculturalism" in another article. But he was not talking about a mass murder. That time he was talking about protests in Canada caused by last year's war in Gaza.
Sacrificing Canadian national heritage to celebrate, maintain and promote the varying cultures and distinct international identities within the nation in the hope it will encourage social cohesion is folly. This policy, called multiculturalism, is doomed to fail. It is impossible for greater national unity to result from greater differences. (Robert Morley, ‘Kill the Jews’ in Canada, August 7, 2014.)
Is it not amazing how the same message is pushed upon such different events occurring?

Is it not hypocritical for Morley to fear monger about immigrants considering that he himself is an immigrant from Saskatchewan? Also there are immigrants among the highest echelon of PCG such as the late Ron Fraser and Brad MacDonald who has since immigrated to Britain. If the PCG leadership wish to "protect" America from immigrants they should start among themselves.

Or are they just scared of immigrants who just happen to not be "white"?

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