Sunday, August 23, 2015

Did Hamas Split From Iran?

Recently PCG has been saying that Hamas has split from Iran. They have been insisting that Hamas and Iran will split away from each other. They have been saying this since at least 2012.

This idea appears to be connected to Gerald Flurry's doctrine of "the Psalm 83 nations" which was unveiled as "new revelation" in 2011.

Below we see Stephen Flurry promoting the idea that Iran and Hamas are now estranged.
Are we seeing a break between Iran and the Palestinian group Hamas? ...

Regular Trumpet readers know this is significant because of a prophecy in Psalm 83, which specifically identifies two Middle Eastern power blocs in this end time. According to the prophecy, Hamas and Syria will be on the opposite side of the Iranian power bloc. With Syria’s regime hanging in the balance, it’s clear now more than ever that the Syrian-Iranian alliance’s days are numbered.

Added to that, it now appears that we are in the early stages of divorce between Iran and Hamas.

Just as my father forecasted on the The Key of David several months ago, “[I]t looks very much like that Iran is going to also lose the Gaza terrorists, and they’re going to shift their alliance … as well.” (Stephen Flurry, Iran Shuns Hamas, August 27, 2012.)
But is this assertion true?

I am not going to try to answer this question directly. But it should be noted that just a few days ago The Jerusalem Post (August 19) reported that an Iranian propaganda video had been released onto the Internet.

The propaganda video portrays armed men advancing onto Jerusalem (in a completely unrealistic manner).
The video shows soldiers and operatives from the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, the Iranian-backed Shia Badr Organization, Hezbollah, and the Hamas movement's Kassam Brigades. (The Jerusalem Post.)
Whoever in Iran made that video does not live in PCG's information bubble. Whoever in Iran made that propaganda video thinks Iran and Hamas are allied with each other against the State of Israel.

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