Wednesday, August 26, 2015

HWA's "Feast of Tabernacles" is a Perversion

Saw this picture on Banned by HWA.

This is yet more evidence of how terrible HWA's humanly devised feasts are.

The actual Feast of Tabernacles described in the Bible was a harvest festival. Those who celebrated it made tents on their own property and celebrated it there.

They would have been too busy doing the harvest to do what the Armstrongite do at that time.

The Armstrongites go far away in the countryside to meet up with those who believe HWA's teachings and go through an eight day indoctrination conference. This is completely different from how the Jews celebrated the Feast of Tabernacles. It was HWA who perverted the Feast of Tabernacles into an eight day Armstrongite indoctrination conference.

Clearly it was used to force his followers to spend their money on ingratiating themselves into the WCG cult thus destroying their own individuality.

HWA's Feast is a man made tradition that HWA devised. It is a perversion of what was written in the Bible. Armstrongites are under no obligation from God to observe HWA's perverted indoctrination conference. It was HWA and his collaborators who imposed this feast on their followers. 

More on this topic may be seen in the previous post: HWA's Error Regarding the Feast.

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