Saturday, August 22, 2015

RCG Quoting WorldNetDaily

As seen in previous posts UCG, PCG and LCG have all quoted from the far right wing media outlet WorldNetDaily without ever bothering to mention to their readers that it leans far to the right politically speaking or criticizing anything quoted from them.

Dave Pack's group, the Restored Church of God, has also quoted WorldNetDaily. It is never even mentioned that WorldNetDaily happens to be far to the right in regards to politics. Just like UCG, PCG and LCG it is never even mentioned WorldNetDaily is right wing and is never criticized.

I have not linked to the articles in question because of reports that RCG's websites use cookies to make advertising for RCG appear on one's Internet browser. Consequently these articles are not linked to here.


Ohio newspaper the Canton Repository reported that 65 out of 490 female students—13 percent—at a Canton high school are pregnant. ...  Source: Canton Repository; NewsNet5; WorldNetDaily (65 Girls at Ohio School are Pregnant, August 31, 2005.)

In the Netherlands, a government health official has called for a controversial debate on whether to force abortions and mandatory contraception in order to, in her view, solve a “crisis of unwanted children.” ... Source: WorldNetDaily (Mandatory Abortion in Holland?, March 3, 2006.)

John Williams, an econometrician who tracks the broadest measure of U.S. money supply (M3) after the Federal Reserve stopped reporting it in March 2006, told World Net Daily, “You’re dealing with mass psychology here. The central bankers around the world know they are going [to] take a hit on their dollar holdings. None of the central bankers want to start a dollar panic, but none of the central bankers want to be the last out of the dollar, either.”
Mr. Williams said the M3 is growing at a 9.6% rate and trending higher as opposed to an 8% rate earlier in the year. The Federal Reserve, meanwhile, is in a bind. “Raising rates would kill any chance of avoiding a recession, but in terms of the dollar, we can’t raise rates fast enough when the dollar starts to slip quickly,” he said. (A Crushing Mountain of Debt, January 2007.)

Another famous minister asserted, “If one depends on the Bible as a guidepost for living, it is readily apparent that war is sometimes a necessary option” (“God is pro-war,” Jerry Falwell, WorldNetDaily). (David C. Pack, The Red Horse – “You Shall Hear of Wars…”, 2008.)

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