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Overview of September 2015 Issue of The Philadelphia Trumpet

The latest issue of PCG's recruitment magazine, The Philadelphia Trumpet (September 2015), is now out. Let us see what PCG's leaders say this time in order to get more tithe money from PCG members and co-workers.

This issue has a circulation of 284,800. Circulation is falling. Between the January 2011 issue and the April 2015 issue The Philadelphia Trumpet's circulation had always been above 300,000. (An updated list of its circulation figures may be seen in a previous post.) But now for the fourth time in a row it's circulation is lower than 300,000. (297,255 for the May-June 2015 issue. 297,242 for the July 2015 issue. 295,801 for the August 2015 issue.) This is part of a continuing decline since the December 2012 issue (341,259).

What on Earth is the PCG leadership doing wrong? What are they doing with the tithe money they get?

Gerald Flurry has an editorial article praising the victims of the terrorist attack in Charleston for forgiving the killer. However considering that Gerald Flurry teaches a false prophesy of "race war", according to which African Americans will soon launch a wave of riots against the white majority in the United States, how can one believe that he could possibly be helpful in creating peace in this matter? A related telecast was discussed in a previous post. This "race war" Flurry speaks of will never happen.

There is a "special report" on "nuclear Iran" condemning the agreement America made with Iran recently.

Gerald Flurry has an article insinuating that the agreement is just like the infamous Munich peace agreement Chamberlain made with Hitler in 1938.

Stephen Flurry has an article complaining that the agreement somehow means the Obama Administration has somehow "crowned" Iran as "King of the Middle East."

(Actually it was Gerald Flurry who "crowned" Iran as "King of the Middle East" when he dogmatically proclaimed Iran to be the future King of the South in 1994. To accuse the Obama Administration of doing what Gerald Flurry has done is merely psychological projection.)

Joel Hilliker has an article fear mongering that the agreement will change history in a bad way.

Brad MacDonald has an article in which milks the terrible suffering of those who endured nuclear destruction in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945 to scare people into thinking that unless one joins PCG the same nuclear devastation will happen to them. It even includes three photos from that terrible time. To exploit the memory of those who died on those days in August 1945 in order to get people to join PCG and pay tithes is sickening and perverted. It is a desecration towards the memory of those who died.

The PCG leadership has constantly fear mongered about Iran since 1994, especially after 9/11. Consequently the PCG leadership has a strong motive to deplore and condemn any potential peace with Iran because peace between America and Iran would discredit the PCG leadership's claim to know the future.

And so ends the PCG leadership's condemnation of the agreement with Iran.

Joel Hilliker also has an article condemning the Supreme Court's decision to legalize same sex marriage.

There is a chart saying the Bible foresaw modern scientific discoveries. Many churches make the same claim. Why should this claim prove that PCG is the one true church? It is just like many others on this matter.

Stephen Flurry and Richard Palmer has an article claiming that Germany will arise as the dominant power within Europe and then conquer America and Britain. This time they exploit the current crisis regarding Greece's finances to advance this claim yet again.

Brad MacDonald also has an article fear mongering that Germany will soon arise as the dominant power in Europe. This time he recites some of the esoteric doctrines Herbert Armstrong taught to justify this false prophecy. These doctrines are ultimately derived from the Millerites of the 1830s-1840s. HWA and his imitators have constantly preached that Germany will soon conquer America since the days of World War II and it still has not happened. Because it never will. God is not with HWA or any imitators such as PCG.

Worldwatch has a few little articles
  • One fear mongers that America and Iran are getting too friendly with each other in Iraq due to the current struggle against Abu Bakr al Baghdadi's lackeys. 
  • One fear monger that Russia is slowing taking over more Georgian territory. 
  • One fear mongers about a gas pipeline between Russia and Germany insinuating that this will prepare the way for Russia and Germany to ally against America. 
  • One fear mongers that the world economy will collapse the next time the market crashes. So the PCG leadership admits we are recovering from what happened in 2007-8. Did they tell their readers that back then?
  • One talks of Pope Francis of calling for the creation of a one world government in order to promote the paranoid view that the Pope plots to create a powerful European superpower fated to destroy America. 
  • One fear mongers that NATO is weak and this will lead to Germany taking over and refuses to follow America's lead. 
  • And one fear mongers that India and Pakistan are joining an Asian security bloc thus insinuating it is somehow against America.
Societywatch has a few little articles.
  • One fear mongers that President Obama is exploiting various violent deaths by gun violence to restrict the ownership of guns. (Shouldn't the PCG leadership be more worried about people dying?) 
  • One fear mongers that schools are being forced to not discipline African American students so much. 
  • One condemns San Francisco's policy of being a sanctuary city letting ("non-white") illegal immigrants and accusing this policy of leading to a killing that recently occurred.
The last two little articles mentioned above expose how PCG caters mainly for white Americans because they try to scare white Americans about "non-white" peoples. PCG is for whites. It's not white only. But it is mainly for whites.

Joel Hilliker also has a little article encouraging people to ignore those who criticize them.

Joel Hilliker also has a little article talking about the recent probe that flew past Pluto.

There are letters. Here's one letter insinuating that people worried about what happened to Freddie Gray are not logical.
I have watched the Baltimore incident several times as the police were arresting Freddie Gray. I saw no evidence of mistreatment of this man as they were putting him into the vehicle. Sadly, even that documented evidence does not satisfy those who have rioted and brought charges against those officers involved. To any logical person, this should serve to show that the police were not attacking this man because he was black (especially since half the officers involved were black). Mr. Flurry has pinpointed the root cause of the atrocities we are witnessing.
Maybe they are more worried about how his spine was nearly torn in half and that he died in hospital just a few days later. Maybe they are more worried that something like that just might happen to them.

There are two letters that sound as though they are from PCG members, or at least persons heavily influenced by PCG. Here they are:
The reason why the pope is “provoking war” in Israel is because both the Vatican and Germany (which the Vatican supports) have their own selfish agendas in Israel, namely Jerusalem... 
PCG has often simplistically insisted that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is about Jerusalem. This is mentioned so often and emphatically one could think that this is the only issue. In fact the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is much more complicated than that. Jerusalem is an issue in that tragic conflict, but it not the only issue.

Also PCG has constantly vilified the Pope and teach that in the near future the last Pope will become the "false prophet" able to perform miracles such as summoning fire from the sky and this "false prophet" will strengthen the rise of a European super power assumed to be uniquely influenced by Satan which will destroy America just before Christ's return. This writer is clearly heavily influenced by PCG.
The United States has cleared the way for Iran by instigating or causing regime changes in many Middle East and African nations, some of which have been unnecessary ... Made in America—how true. The U.S. has truly spent its strength in vain!
PCG has for years repeatedly complained that America has spent its strength in vain. This writer is clearly heavily influenced by PCG.

And so we see that PCG has produced yet another issue that fear mongers about all these problems thus keeping PCG members distracted from the problems within PCG and not wondering why the magazine's circulation is still going down, lower than it was in 2003, despite all the money given to PCG and controlled by the PCG leadership.

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