Saturday, August 8, 2015

Where HIV/AIDS Actually Came From

HIV/AIDS originated from a disease named SIV that affected apes in Central Africa, namely the Central chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes troglodytes). This SIV disease developed a strain that could infect humans as well. This initial cross species infection appears to have occurred around 1921 (between 1908-1933). The initial cross species infections came from a "cut hunter" somewhere in a rural area. Other explanations appear most unlikely. The drastic social changes brought about by European colonization, such as urbanization, mass transportation via train, etc., had the effect of helping to spread this disease through Africa, and from there the world, before it was finally detected in 1981.  

That is some of the information to be found in Jacques Pepin's 2011 fascinating book, The Origins of AIDS. This book is a fine work for anyone wishing to understand where this dreaded disease that has affected so many people actually came from.

The Origins of AIDS (2011)

The following BBC article also discusses similar information:
An international team of scientists say a "perfect storm" of population growth, sex and railways allowed HIV to spread.
A feat of viral archaeology was used to find the pandemic's origin, the team report in the journal Science.
They used archived samples of HIV's genetic code to trace its source, with evidence pointing to 1920s Kinshasa. ...

HIV is a mutated version of a chimpanzee virus, known as simian immunodeficiency virus, which probably made the species-jump through contact with infected blood while handling bush meat.
The virus made the jump on multiple occasions. One event led to HIV-1 subgroup O which affects tens of thousands in Cameroon.
Yet only one cross-species jump, HIV-1 subgroup M, went on to infect millions of people across every country in the world. (James Gallagher, BBC News, October 3, 2014.)
But some people seem utterly ignorant of these facts. Some seem determined to deluded themselves into believing some other explanation.

As seen in a previous post the late Ron Fraser once falsely accused sexual behavior contrary to PCG dogma in Western countries of somehow "giving birth to ... AIDS."
In general terms, to this generation all of the values, mores, honorable traditions—even documented history of past events—are held up to question. This approach to subjective analysis is fundamentally sourced at a basic and false assumption—that the theory of relativity applies not just in the arena of physical sciences. By extension it is assumed that it generally may be applied to human behavior—religion, moral standards, ethics and human values. Thus we have the concept of “moral relativity,” which spawned the “new morality” of the 1960s, giving birth to a new and uncontrollable communicable disease—AIDS. (Ron Fraser, What's Behind the Crisis in Foreign Relations?, The Philadelphia Trumpet, May 1999, p. 3.)
What sick nonsense.

The editors of the May 1999 issue of The Philadelphia Trumpet, in which this false accusation was published included Gerald Flurry, Dennis Leap, J.Tim Thompson, Vyron Wilkins, Stephen Flurry and Joel Hilliker. Why didn't any of them correct this deluded nonsense? Did they believe Fraser's nonsense?

Why didn't anyone at PCG Headquarters catch this bizarre error before publication?

If one of PCG's leaders can get something like this so horribly wrong what else are they wrong about?

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