Thursday, August 20, 2015

Arutz Sheva Writer Calls John Kerry a Kapo

PCG, UCG and LCG have all quoted Arutz Sheva numerous times as a media authority. They have never questioned them whenever quoting Arutz Sheva. They have never mentioned that it is a right wing media outlet closely associated with the National Religious Israeli Jews and is closely associated with the religious settlers in the West Bank.

How much do the COGs know about Arutz Sheva? Should they be so trusting? Have they bothered to look more closely at this media outlet?

Recently there has been discussion about the agreement with Iran about its nuclear program. Arutz Sheva's writers tend to view it quite negatively.

As part of this condemnation of the agreement one Arutz Sheva writer called Secretary of State John Kerry an "ever obedient Kapo", comparing Secretary Kerry with the Kapos, prisoners who collaborated with the Nazis in the concentration camps and did the Nazis' bidding. 
John Kerry had better watch himself. He has been the ever obedient Kapo. In case you didn’t know, John Kerry is also “a Jew.” (Amy Barath, How Dare We Disagree with the American President?, Arutz Sheva, August 15, 2015.)
And just in case there is any possibility of misunderstanding what is meant the link to Kapo is to an article explaining that Kapos were collaborating inmates of Nazi concentration camps used by the Nazis to keep the prisoners subservient to the Nazi jailers.
The German concentration camps depended on the cooperation of trustee inmates who supervised the prisoners. Known as Kapos, these trustees carried out the will of the Nazi camp commandants and guards, and were often as brutal as their SS counterparts. Some of these Kapos were Jewish, and even they inflicted harsh treatment on their fellow prisoners. For many, failure to perform their duties would have resulted in severe punishment and even death, but many historians view their actions as a form of complicity. (Kapo, Jewish Virtual Library.)
If Secretary Kerry is a Kapo, then what does that make President Obama? What about those who voted for President Obama, which happens to include the vast majority of American Jews?

The vast majority of American Jews are aligned with the Democratic Party. The majority of American Jews voted for President Obama in 2008 and 2012. No doubt most would be, to put it mildly, unimpressed with this extreme rhetoric.

In the United States the vast majority of American Jews lean to the left in regard to politics. But the political situation is very different in the State of Israel. Israeli Jews tend to be more right wing than American Jews.

If we are saddened by this rhetoric we should remember that Arutz Sheva caters for National Religious Israeli Jews. They are merely a minority of the Israeli population. No doubt many Israelis would disagree with this extreme comparison. No doubt even many National Religious Israeli Jews would also disagree and understand why many would criticize this extreme rhetoric. We must not stereotype Jews.

Why do the COGs trust Arutz Sheva? They should be more aware about who they read.

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