Saturday, August 15, 2015

PCG Saying "Race War" is Coming

Currently many people in the United States are worried and concerned about how African Americans have been shot to death and otherwise mistrusted by those entrusted to protect the people.

And what do the PCG leadership do in this tense situation? Promote PCG's false prophecy of "race war". This doctrine of PCG's asserts that very soon African Americans all over the United States will launch a wave of mass riots against the white majority.

PCG has consistently taught this racist, paranoid, vicious and utterly false idea since 1992. But even though they have been waiting for twenty-three years for this "race war" to occur the PCG leadership still promote this vicious accusation that African Americans are fated to turn against the white majority.

Joel Hilliker has published an article which exploits some protest chant to insinuate that PCG's prophesied "race war" is just about to happen. This "race war" PCG talks about is supposed somehow to occur everywhere within the United States. Occasional riots which fail to spread outside of the city it is in is most emphatically not what PCG claims will soon occur. 

Stephen Flurry has made a Trumpet Daily episode along the same lines. In it he cites some news article accusing the late Freddie Gray of previously injuring himself to win lawsuits. This assertion is presented by PCG to minimize the severity of the fact that an American had lost his life while in police custody and to insinuate that he who died was responsible for his own death.

As Byker Bob commented recently this false prophecy of "race war" is disturbingly similar to what Charles Manson taught.

Charles Manson orchestrated murders that shocked the world partly as an attempt to incite violence between racial communities. His infamous murders were conducted in such a way as to make it appear to have been committed by African Americans. Thankfully this wicked plot was exposed for what it truly was.

It is astoundingly immoral for PCG to promote this racist nonsense.

It is wrong for PCG to exploit the current tense situation regarding police brutality to promote this nonsense that African Americans are fated to soon launch a wave of riots against the white majority.


  1. PCG and others extrapolate some of their recurring themes to worst case conclusion, and they create fear motivation by combining their themes soas to produce a "perfect storm" scenario.

    If your prophecy mold includes a number of severe themes, such as natural disasters, famine, disease, financial collapse, war, civil unrest, and the rise of Europe, degeneration of civilization, there will always be individual events which can be pointed out and amplified as evidence leading to an apocalypse. Having watched Armstrongism for many decades now, I can make the observation that these individual events are constantly cycling, rising and subsiding rather than colliding and colluding.

    The Armstrong movement could have made a much more effective case for race war back in the 1960s than you can today. The riots which took place in that era ran parallel to the very highly organized civil rights movement, and were breaking out simultaneously in many major cities. We've not seen anything approaching that level in the decades since, largely because so many of the injustices which had existed in that time were improved and remedied.

    The Armstrong movement does not understand revolution. The civil rights movement was a kind of revolution. In order to foment a revolution, you need to make the status quo appear as bad and intolerable as possible, creating a fervor or passion in favor of revolution. No less an historical figure than Che Guevara totally failed in his attempts to produce a revolution in Africa. What Flurry does not realize is that during the 1960s, outsiders with their own self-interests were attempting to glom on to the civil rights movement, and to foment revolution right here in the USA, and they had numerous pervasive elements of dissatisfaction with which to work.

    Black people leading up to the 1960s were suppressed into a marginalized position, locked out of both justice, and advancement on nearly all fronts. Now, with decades of opportunity, many are mainstream, with vested interest in preserving the American civilization we share. Obviously, there is vast need for further improvement, but the fuel for any sort of massive revolution has largely been diffused.


    1. You are so right to note that as bad as the present situation is the possibility of mass unrest is less likely than it was in those days.

      It is shameful that the PCG leadership seem determined to not notice this and to continue spread this absurd and racist idea that African Americans are fated to soon lash out at the white majority.

      It shows, among things, that they don't even understand how riots even occur. Riots tend to be spontaneous so with a prompt organized response by the authorities the riot will dissipate overnight. Or if it is really bad it will dissipate after a few days.

      Riots do not just happen. There are reasons why they occur. In Ferguson and Baltimore so far rioting had not spread beyond those towns and they dissipated after a night at worse. Those riots only after an African American died in controversial circumstances.

      Also because PCG fixates upon the few incidents of rioting they overlook the many non-violent acts of protest against police brutality conducted by people who, instead of attacking the white majority violently, wish to save African Americans from enduring arrest and violence.

      There is nothing to fear in that Americans are choosing to mobilize themselves for peaceful political goals.

      These unfortunate riots are the exceptions to the rule. This movement against police brutality is for the most part peaceful.

      It is wrong for the PCG leadership to scare monger about this mainly peaceful movement as though it will soon lead to riots against the white majority. That will not happen. Frankly in the current political climate it is simply not possible. This "race war" PCG talks of is not going to happen.

      PCG has been waiting 23 years so far. They will wait a lot longer because it will never happen.

      PCG members should worry about something that make actually happen, not this unfounded phobia of "race war".

  2. Watch these idiots attempt to use the new movie "Straight Outa Compton" to support their race war theory. You can almost smell that one coming!