Wednesday, August 12, 2015

PCG Condemning Pope Francis and Mahmoud Abbas (Just Like Christians United For Israel)

Recently Pope Francis was reported to have call Mahmoud Abbas an angel of peace. Naturally the PCG leadership seized on this to claim that the Pope is having a negative effect upon the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
During Abbas’s visit, the pope effectively gave his approval of all the acts of terror committed by the Palestinian leader and his followers, even telling the Palestinian terrorist leader, “You are an angel of peace,” according to the Associated Press, Reuters and Agence France-Presse. 

Critics of Israel and backers of Palestinian statehood were elated by the Vatican’s announcement. The movement to recognize a Palestinian state has gained momentum in recent years, particularly within the United Nations, and this endorsement from the Vatican is huge. Gaining the support of humanity’s most respected and admired leader could be just the boost needed to get the project of Palestinian statehood over the finish line. (Brad MacDonald, Why Is the Pope Provoking War in Israel?, August 2015.) 
Guess who else condemned this? Those who supposedly bear the mark of the Beast by worshiping on Sunday who are members of Christians United For Israel.

Considering that CUFI did the same thing how does PCG's stance on this issue make it any different from those within CUFI?
We were disappointed to see initial reports that Pope Francis called Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas an “angel of peace.” We were relieved to see reports this morning that the Pope was likely misunderstood. It seems that what he said to Abbas was that he “could be” an angel of peace." (Christians United For Israel, CUFI Talking Points: The Pope and the Palestinians, Source.)
PCG so often claims to be the one true church. But on this issue they say the same thing as so many others.

PCG does not have some unique insight into world events. On this matter they are merely imitating many others.

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