Monday, August 10, 2015

Arutz Sheva in PCG's Trumpet Weekly

Previously it was seen how PCG, UCG and LCG have all used an Israeli news outlet named Arutz Sheva (also known as Israel National News) in some of their articles. None of them have ever bothered to note that this outlet caters for national religious Israeli Jews or note to their readers some of the opinions expressed in it that might give their readers wonder why PCG, UCG and LCG should happen to trust this news source.

This outlet has published articles that, among other things, say that American Jews are on the path to oblivion for not supporting the State of Israel enough, sarcastically wish Abu Bakr al Baghdadi's lackeys would conquer the Palestinians, religiously blackmailing American Jews to move to Israel, that the US State Department is Israel's " foremost enemy", etc.

Also historically Arutz Sheva had a radio station that would not broadcast women singing for religious reasons. What would the female singers in the COGs think of that?

This outlet even published a racist cartoon that portrayed President Obama as a shoe shiner.

Why do PCG, UCG and LCG trust a media outlet such as this?

One is not given any sign of these tendencies the way it is quoted by PCG, UCG and LCG. COG members deserve to know what this publication is actually like.

In further seeing how PCG often relies on Arutz Sheva here is a list of 52 articles from PCG's Trumpet Weekly which come from Arutz Sheva. They have been quoted since the very first issue of PCG's Trumpet Weekly. And if anything they seem to be quoting them more often at the moment.

It is also seen how Arutz Sheva's article titles are sometimes changed. For instance several times titles are altered to reflect PCG's shameful editorial policy of referring to Abu Bakr al Baghdadi's lackeys in Iraq and Syria as "the Islamic State". Those terrorists want to be called that. Why give them what they want?

Here are the titles altered to give Abu Bakr al Baghdadi's lackeys what they want and call those blood thirsty terrorists "the Islamic State".
  • Islamic State Joining Gaza Terror War on Israel (PCG version, August 16, 2014 issue.)
  • IS Actively Joining Gaza Terror War on Israel (Original version.)
  • Iran: The Islamic State Diverts Muslims From Palestine (PCG version, November 29, 2014 issue.)
  • Iran’s Khamenei: ISIS Diverts Muslims from Palestine (Original version.)
It is morally wrong that PCG's writers should give those power hungry terrorists what they want, even in something like this.


The following is a list of 52 articles attributed to Arutz Sheva within PCG's Trumpet Weekly. Dates refer to the date of PCG's Trumpet Weekly issue. Incidentally the first article is from the very first issue of PCG's Trumpet Weekly.


December 8: Hitler a Hero on Palestinian Authority Radio

December 22: Arabs Desecrate Graves of Biblical Joshua and Caleb

December 22: Hamas Broadcasts from Temple Mt.


February 23: Hezbollah, Israel Forces on Alert for New War

March 8: Arab “Third Intifada” Underway?

May 24: New PA Demand: “We Want an Army”

November 8: Obama Tells Abbas: I Support Dividing Jerusalem


June 13: Sunni-Shiite Nuclear Arms Race Possible

July 11:  Israel Slams EU for Claiming Settlements

August 22: Assad, Ahmadinejad “On the Same Front”

August 22: Britain’s Move to Islam

September 5: Passage Found, May Have Been Used by Abraham

November 14: Hezbollah Rockets Can Strike Jerusalem


January 30: Israel's Next War

January 30: Netanyahu: Trust in IDF

February 6: Hamas Threatens Revenge on Jews

April 10: Europe Bails Out Fatah and Hamas Again

April 24: Rare Meeting Between Mubarak, Assad and Abdullah in Cairo

May 1: Hezbollah Has One of World’s Largest Missile Arsenals

May 15: Obama Behind Jerusalem Apartheid

June 12: Hungary: Moving Back to a Fascist Future?

July 3: Europe: Worst for Jews Since End of WW2

July 17: Jerusalem-Golan Bill Goes to the Knesset for Final Vote

July 17: Qureia: Jerusalem Situation Becoming a ‘Time Bomb’

August 28: Iran Says Lebanon Requests Military Aid

December 18: Europe: No Honest Broker


February 5: Israel and Germany Sign Security Agreement

December 17: The Vatican Wants to Lay Its Hands On Jerusalem


January 7: Nigeria Declares State of Emergency

May 19: Major War Drill--Israel Not Invited

August 11: Iran Approaching Immunity Zone


February 2: Venezuela Spying on Jewish Community

March 9: Report: Obama Wants Timetable For Israeli Pullout

March 16: Unprecedented: Firebombs On Temple Mount

April 6: Iran's Plan B


January 4: Syria Misses Deadline

April 12: Hamas Not a Terror Group

April 19: Temple Mount: a Hamas 'City-State'?

May 23: Netanyahu: Close to Dumping Livni

August 16: Islamic State Joining Gaza Terror War on Israel

August 30: Gazans Celebrate Hamas 'Victory'

November 29: Iran: The Islamic State Diverts Muslims From Palestine


January 3: Report: Gulf States Fear Iranian Takeover of Yemen

January 10: PM: Israel Stands With Europe--Europe Must Stand With Israel

January 10: Pro-Iran Militants Threaten to Conquer Yemen

March 21: Saudis Say: Whatever Iran Gets, We Want The Same

March 28: U.S. Declassifies Document Revealing Israel's Nuclear Program

June 6: Obama Threatens To Cut U.S. Support at UN in Israeli Interview

June 20: 49 Percent of Israelis: Obama Purposely Harming U.S.-Israel Ties

June 27: Israel Freezes Defense Aid Talks With U.S. Pending Iran Deal

August 1: Iran Announces Two New Nuclear Facilities

August 8: He's Back: Ahmadinejad Launches Political Campaign

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