Thursday, June 10, 2010

Armstrongism in Arabic

Thanks to Richard I have now heard how UCG has just released a booklet in Arabic, The Middle East in Prophecy.

This reminded me of how the March 1986 Plain Truth published a letter from a man from Khartoum, Sudan who had translated some COG writings into Arabic. (See p. 29, PDF p. 31.)

He mentioned his hope of getting it published in some sort of Coptic publication. So, based on that, it appears that the writer did not yet know that, according to HWA, all other Christians are false, when he wrote that letter. I wonder if he was able to get his Arabic translation published. I wonder how long it took before someone told him that HWA teaches many things contrary to what in taught in the Coptic Church. But of all I hope he is all right in body and soul. And free of Armstrongism.

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  1. Maybe it's just me, but don't you think that the United Church of God is morally debased and has no convictions of right or wrong? The UCG is willing to use any method, no matter how scientifically unsupported and disreputable, to confirm its "a priori" beliefs.

    Hence, I will only remark here, in a general way but with all the emphasis of earnestness and truth, that the term "idiot savant" comes to mind when thinking of the UCG!

    To what god does the UCG pledge its allegiance?

    The god of escapism?

    The god that commands them to hoodwink us with fallacies?

    The thermonuclear god sitting in a reinforced silo waiting for doomsday?

    The long term implications: The UCG's endless exegeses are a mere cavil, a scarecrow, one of the last shifts of a desperate and dying movement that is aiming its heresies at the poverty ridden people of the middle east. For they offer not hope, but a vision of more misery and pain to come. The backlash may be deadly!