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Does Darrell W. Conder Teach the Jewish World Conspiracy Theory?

One of the most terrible lies that have been spread about Jews in order to demonize them is the accusation that a sinister cabal of Jews is trying to take over the world. This horrible lie has been used many times to demonize Jews. Most infamously this idea was propagated through the infamous plagiarized fabrication The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

During the turbulence of the Russian Civil War some anti-Communists began to spread the idea that Marxist Leninist Communism was somehow Jewish. The Protocols convinced some of them that Marxist Leninism was just a front for the Jews as part of a conspiracy to conquer the world. It was more convenient for the haters to scapegoat the Jews for this catastrophe.

This idea ignored many other facts and is absurd. For instance it was the Latvian Guards who played a crucial role in propping up the Bolshevik regime during various times of crises during the Russian Civil War. But there is no Latvian World Conspiracy Theory which assumes that Marxist Leninist Communism is just a front fr the Latvians. The Jewish World Conspiracy Theory is absurd.

Once they were suppressed and cast out after war's end some of them spread this inflammatory idea all over the world. This idea has caused tremendous mischief for the Jewish people.

But Darrell W. Conder, who denies Christ, believes this absurd and hateful myth.

Darrell W. Conder writes the following in his February, 2008 column (Emphasis mine throughout):
Israel was conceived by ruthless, communistic atheist Zionists who used Old Testament prophecy as a blueprint to scam trusting Christians and Jews into believing that modern Israel's existence was "bible prophecy" being fulfilled, when in reality the founders and their successors worked behind the scenes to actually fulfill an agenda of secular world domination.
(This overlooks the fact that Zionism was largely secular in nature and that most religious Jews were against returning to Palestine, saying only the Messiah could do that, until the rise of Nazism. As far as I can see they were not trying to fulfill prophecy.)

At first glance this sounds like Darrell W. Conder is teaching the old Jewish World Conspiracy theory. But in the next breath he insists that he is not.
No. I'm not writing about a worldwide "Jewish conspiracy" here; it's a much, much larger picture that goes way beyond ethnic consideration. (Commentary, February 2008 entry.)
This ‘denial’ is disingenuous.

I find no comfort in this denial that he is teaching a Jewish World Conspiracy theory. Other anti-semitic haters also felt that the conspiracy was " a much, much larger picture that goes way beyond ethnic consideration."

This is from a preface for the infamous plagiarized fabrication The Protocols of the Elders of Zion:
These learned men [meaning the fictional Jewish conspirators] decided by peaceful means to conquer the world for Zion with the slyness of the Symbolic Snake, whose head was to represent those who have been initiated into the plans of the Jewish administration, and the body of the Snake to represent the Jewish people - the administration was always kept secret, EVEN FROM THE JEWISH NATION ITSELF. (Sergei Nilus' Preface to The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, 1905.)
This shows that even those who peddled this most damnable lie, such as Sergei Nilus, did not (apparently) believe that most Jews were a part of the fictional conspiracy.

So when Darrell W. Conder denies that he is anti-Semitic by saying he only believes that some Jews are part of the conspiracy I find that unconvincing because these publishers of the Protocols, who are undeniably anti-Semitic, also believed that only a few Jews were a part of the conspiracy.

Keith Olbermann in this segment used a good expression that perfectly captures what Conder does in this denial of his clearly evident anti-Semitism. “He employs the classic ploy of ‘I’m not saying what I’m obviously saying but…’”

That is exactly what Conder does when he says “No. I'm not writing about a worldwide "Jewish conspiracy" here;” it’s bigger than all that.

Thus we see he does teach that there is a Jewish World Conspiracy.

In fact, in his November, 2009 column, he calls this New World Order these Zionists are trying to create as part of an "Israeli-New World Order agenda".
For eight years America and the world suffered at the hands of an American president who thought God was talking to him—conveniently leading him into wars that were a clear part of the Israeli-New World Order agenda. Yes, he's gone; but he's been replaced by a leader whose administration is beating another war drum against Iran, also a priority on the Israeli-New World Order agenda.
And still he wishes to assure us that he was not talking "about a worldwide "Jewish conspiracy"".

Here's one example of his many anti-Semitic tirades that demonize Jews. This comes from the August 2009 commentary entry. Here he condemns the introduction of Hate Crimes Laws insisting that it is a Jewish attempt to stifle criticism of them as part of their preparations to conquer the world. He insists that others who support this law are just a smokescreen for the Jews.

Anti-Semites often blame whatever they do not like as originating from the Jews. It does not matter to them if some Gentiles do this as well, he just waves his rhetorical magic wand and insist the Gentiles must be influenced by the Jews. So to them it does not matter if he sees Gentiles doing something he dislikes, he just says the Jews made do it, influenced him, etc. Darrell W. Conder does the same thing here.
For decades [since the 1920s he states elsewhere] an insidious enemy [he means the Jews!] has had virtual control over what America reads, hears and thinks, which they accomplished by exercising complete control over the "news" and entertainment media [Jewish control of the media is a common anti-Semitic accusation]....Despite this kind of control, the powers-that-be failed to recognize the potential of the Internet to inform. The biggest threat to their misinformation empire has come from American websites and independent news sources...Yes, gays & lesbians & persons with disabilities are at the forefront, but they are nothing more than a smoke screen. Lurking behind is an insidious enemy of "we the people," which is made clear by the JTA (Jewish Telegraphic Agency), "The Global news Service of the Jewish People", in its July 17, 2009 article "Senate passes hate-crimes bill." Reporting on this story, the JTA boasts: "A number of Jewish groups, headed by the Anti-Defamation League, have been working for a decade to enact the measure." (See for more enlightening information.)

Now you know the reason why the American media—completely owned and operated by Zionist concerns

[There are plenty of media out there that are quite condemnatory of Israel. While the American media may be a bit too soft on Israel for some people's tastes, to suggest that it's part of a Jewish-run World Conspiracy to take over the world is extremely ridiculous and hateful. Why not settle for more mundane explanations like the natural human tendency for conformity? Instead he decides to just blame the Jews.-Redfox712.]

—has been promoting the "hate crime" bill as the best thing since Squeezably-Soft Charmin. When it's in place, no one will be able to legally open their yaps when Israel goes on another shooting holiday in Gaza, or when Israel drags America into another Middle Eastern war and therefore to our doom. [Although he no longer believes the Bible he still believes in the Apocalypse. He blames it on the Jews now.]
You know who else opposes Hate Crimes legislation? Right wing Christians who fear they will be restrained condemning homosexuality. The sort of thing Conder professes to hate so much.

And he still wants us to think he's not anti-Semitic.

So you can see that Darrell W. Conder does believe in a Jewish World Conspiracy Theory, his crafty denials notwithstanding.

Update: Here's some relevant words his September 2006 commentary:
"Zionism" is but the code word for a New World Order whose sole purpose has nothing at all to do with Judaism, outside the fact that its founders have used the vilest parts of the Tanakh (the Old Testment) and the Talmud to justify their actions and win support from the relgiously ignorant. Bluntly speaking, Zionism is a scheme to enslave the entire world as beasts of burden to a handful of money masters who use the cloak of religion as their master plan.
What horrifyingly hateful drivel!

And he wants us to believe he's not talking about the tired, old anti-Semitic lie of the Jewish World Conspiracy Theory.

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