Friday, June 4, 2010

Muslims Turning to Christ

Here's an intriguing article about Muslims converting to Christianity from Pajamas Media.

This should not be interpreted as an endorsement of everything on that website.


  1. Hey, are you endorsing everything on that website??

  2. oh no. But I found this an interesting article and decided to share this article with my dear readers.

  3. I heard a minister on radio talk about a Muslim who coverted to Christianity. As I fuzzily remember it, the convert said it was because Christianity offers hope -- while Islam really does not.

  4. Note the UCG blogs today, announcing their first booklet offered in Arabic.

    In a way, I wish the booklet was more Gospel-centered (or Christ-centered) and less prophecy-driven. But we'll see what happens with it.

  5. Thanks for the info, Richard.

    I recall reading in a 1986 Plain Truth on the Internet that a man in Khartoum, Sudan had translated the Plain Truth, or some related writing, in Arabic.

  6. See March 1986 issue, p. 29, PDF p. 31.

    The latter is written by a man who seemed to have got it published in a Coptic newsletter of some sort.

    I wonder how long it took the Copts to see how dissimilar HWA's teachings were from their own.