Saturday, June 26, 2010

Are Darrell W. Conder and Co. Racist Towards Jews?

Darrell W. Conder and Co. claim they are not racist. Then why do they make statements like this?
By the way, and this is very important, Madeline Albright is Jewish and not an American one, either. She was born in Prague, Czechoslovakia and just recently "found out" that she was Jewish. (Linda Packer, August 2006 commentary.)
This comment is pregnant with the idea that Jews are not as human as the rest.

A similar comment was also made by Conder.
Of the top four hundred leaders of the Russian Revolution, virtually all were Jews, including Vladimir Illyich Lenin himself. (A Personal Message from Darrell W. Conder.)
This comment brings up the hateful anti-Semitic of 'Judeo-Communism,' the idea that Marxist Leninist Communism is somehow Jewish which has often been used by anti-Semites to demonize Jews.

It also ignores the fact that Lenin did not know about his part Jewish ancestry until around 1921. But considering Packer's previous comment about how "very important" it is to know that Madeline Albright was part Jewish, I doubt Conder will care about such facts.

It is absurd to claim that Marxist Leninist Communism is Jewish. What about the Latvian Guards? What about the Chinese Red Guard? During the Russian Civil some Chinese men in Russia fought on the side of the Bolsheviks and helped them to gain victory. Why is their role in the creation of the USSR ignored and instead Conder simply scapegoats the Jews as many anti-Semites have done?

These two know that what they are saying here, what they are subtly suggesting, is utterly outrageous to most people. So in each of these articles they are careful to insist that these assertions are not directed at all Jews.

Packer, in her article, said this before saying how "very important" it was to know that Madeline Albright is partly Jewish.
I have nothing against Jewish people. The vast majority of them are good, loving, productive members of society who wish no one any harm. But the few Jews who own tremendous amounts of wealth and wield the real power in the world are such a danger to our planet right now that we can no longer ignore them. [They still believe in the Apocalypse, but they say it will be the Jews' fault.]
Even if those statements are true it does not change the fact that these statements are, in fact, Anti-Semitic. This is just rhetoric designed to hide the fact that they are preaching hatred.

I now leave the reader with another anti-Semitic comment from Conder:
Obviously in 2010 we're all still dancing on a string to the tune of the nameless, faceless insidious bastards mcdoogling this world [He means Jews, I assume.], which means we're about as likely to have a happy New Year as a tick-infested hound! (January 2010 commentary).
(No. I don't know what he means by 'mcdoogling' either.)

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